Thomas Sandell and Johan Strandlund at the Swedish architecture firm Sandellsandberg take guests on a breathtaking sauna experience. They have designed a floating sauna called Big Branzino that takes guests on a breathtaking journey across the changing backdrop of the Stockholm archipelago. 

The sauna is a wooden structure that sits atop steel pontoons. It has a steel hull built in a catamaran setup to ensure stability against strong winds. The massive volume of the hull also offers storage space below the deck for a minimalist and clean design above.

Meanwhile, the exteriors are rugged pine planks so it harmoniously merges with the shoreline and the forest that it drifts by. The interiors and furniture are made of western red cedar due to its great characteristics for sauna and outdoor use.

The Big Branzino is visible even from a distance because of its unique design. It is built to entertain guests with scenic views of nature so the windows are seamless for an immersive experience. The sauna room itself comes with glass walls and with interior clad in cedar. It contains two-tiered wooden seating around a bespoke stove and sits in the middle of the vessel.

Meanwhile, to the aft is a shower room and a lounge area is at the bow. A stowable ladder leads to the roof terrace where guests can find a table and chairs so they can lounge and take in all the surrounding natural beauty. The deck is strategically at a height unreachable by surface noise to give guests a relaxing and quiet experience.  

The Big Branzino has a wheel and controls housed in a cedar box. This floating sauna can travel freely at the captain’s discretion and can take guests on adventurous, long trips. 

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Images courtesy of Sandellsandberg