Grooming becomes fun and engaging with the BIC Smart Shaver, a wet-shaving tool that does more than it appears. What it may lack in aesthetics it makes up for its high-tech functions.

This may look like your typical razor but it actually stores data while you shave for your next grooming session. It remembers your hair density, how much water you used to rinse, and how fast you shave. Furthermore, it captures hair thickness, the number of strokes, and the time spent on shaving.

The BIC Smart Shaver also keeps track of the temperature of the water, the razor blade’s sharpness or dullness to determine if it is time to change the blade and the humidity in the room. It collects data that are sent to the cloud where the AI technology analyzes it for your understanding and usage. The A.I helps adjust the speed of the razor to better suit the density of the hair on the face.

This razor ensures as close a shave as possible with its five-blade design. It has a battery life of up to two weeks, connects using Bluetooth 4.0, and recharges through a USB-C connection. The razor and its charging base are both water-resistant with the former holding an IP68 rating and the latter an IP64 rating.

The BIC Smart Shaver uses a companion app to store the data and to control and manage the razor. The tool itself receives updates through Bluetooth and the app is free to use for both Android and iOS devices.

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