Sometimes, we take products for granted due to their mainstream availability and we overlook the innovations they bring to the table. For example, modern sneakers are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to deliver support, comfort, and performance. However, did you know third-party add-ons can make a huge difference? FITPACE offers the EcoDasher — a modular insole system.

Over the years, we’ve learned manufacturers often name their creations a certain way to hint at their unique properties or selling points. Typically the insoles that come with the shoes by default are designed to be as ergonomic as possible. Although most people don’t even give it a second thought, studies reveal the benefit of a customized sockliner. 

To find out exactly what type of layout the foot needs, set an appointment with a podiatrist. These specialists will determine the cause of your discomfort and prescribe the ideal type of insole to alleviate pain or compensate for your natural gait. The EcoDasher is a crowdfunding project promising impressive versatility with over 20 support combinations.

FITPACE tells us the insole adaptive arch support, deep heel cradle, multi-module shock absorption, max cushioning, odor control, and more.” EcoDasher is called as such courtesy of its sustainability. It’s crafted from Oceanfoam, a plastic waste and algae composite material. At the end of its life, 47% of the product is biodegradable and 53% is recyclable.

You can get the EcoDasher in Meadow Green, Midnight Blue, Foggy White, Sunrise Orange,  and Aqua Cyan. Interested buyers can grab the standard package which includes a pair of insoles and two heel pads. Don’t forget to add the customization kit for 2x Rebound Metatarsal pads, 2x Rebound heel pads, 2x FIT Gel Metatarsal pads, 2x FIT Gel Heel pads, and Comfort MAX Heel pads.

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Images courtesy of FITPACE