Can you guess where this megayacht concept hails from? Most would probably guess it’s from a big-shot naval architecture firm in Europe or North America. To our surprise, the Zion is penned by Indian studio Bhushan Powar Design. It goes to show that you can occasionally stumble upon the most creative blueprints from unexpected sources.

What’s great about fledgling groups like Bhushan Powar Design is unrestricted creativity. Avant-garde as it may seem, the Zion still looks seaworthy and something an eccentric client would commission. To impress some of the wealthiest dudes out there, you might as well draft a silhouette that jarring enough to leave a lasting impression.

This 360-foot vessel looks like a massive sea creature, unlike anything marine researchers have ever seen. It probably comes from the huge orbs on each side of the bow. Bhushan Powar Design notes that these domes form the observatory.

Apparently, guests can visit this area to enjoy 360-degree views of whatever is surrounding the ship. The outline of the sleek superstructure flows and tapers toward the aft. According to the design team, “the yacht takes inspiration from a black hole.”

If you look at it from certain angles, the viewing gallery does resemble one in a way. Instead of pulling all objects with its gravity, the Zion draws attention to this section of its superstructure. Nevertheless, there are plenty of lavish amenities to enjoy on board.

The upper deck holds a 40-foot helipad. There are several al-fresco dining areas, an aft beach club, a glass-bottom infinity pool, a garden, a fitness area, and a flybridge. The Zion even boasts a massive garage for your toys and tenders. It’s replete with luxurious appointments and can accommodate up to 20 guests.

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Images courtesy of Bhushan Powar Design