Bev Tie 1

It might not be the fanciest tie in the closet but it sure is the most helpful. In charge of securely holding your beverage, the Bev Tie ($20) frees your hands, so you can keep ’em busy with more interesting stuff at “parties, potlucks, tailgating, grilling, camping, kayaking, concerts,” and other situations where you’d enjoy yourself (?) better having both your upper extremities fully available.

Made form water-repellent neoprene, the hands-free beverage holder keeps your drink cold and condensation off your clothing. In its pouch you can fit a bottle or can, while a velcro neckstrap secures the Bev Tie comfortably around your neck. Get yours in either black, royal blue, cammo comando or red hot, and start enjoying life two-handeldly!

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