Fancy your own personal bartender but doesn’t have to money to employ one? If you’re into cocktails but don’t know how to whip them up, then let Bev by Black + Decker do the job for you. It works like those Nespresso, Keurig, or other pod-based systems that make your drinks for you at a press of a button. 

Now you can indulge in those fancy bar drinks or host the perfect drinking session without having to splurge on expensive bar prices. This wonderful machine is fairly easy to set up and operate to whip a wide range of your favorite cocktails and other spirits. You only need to buy the base liquors like vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, and incorporate water into the built-in reservoir. 

The Bev by Black + Decker uses five stainless steel straws to suck the alcohol from those standard 750ml liquor bottles. Then you pop in the pod that contains the juices and bitters and press a button that corresponds to the desired strength of your drink. An internal pump then draws out digitally measured quantities of each liquid and uses pressure to mix them in the capsule. Your cocktail then pours into your waiting glass.

There are valves that return uncontaminated excess liquor back to the bottle and the whole system flushes the pipes with water and air for automated cleaning. The whole process is said to take only 30 seconds so you don’t have a long time to wait to sip on those cocktails. Moreover, Bartesian partnered with Bev by Black + Decker to offer its existing pods. The machine retails for $300 and is up for grabs this spring.

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Images courtesy of Black + Decker