Whether it’s the subway, the car, the bike or the workplace, most office workers tend to sit in one place once a day, at the expense of their health. So how about taking time to exercise in the workplace every now and then?

A survey conducted by the Qi Spine Clinic Showed that 57 percent of office-work professionals are affected by visible symptoms of sedentary work behavior. Experts agree and suggest that by taking breaks to stretch or run in place, people can work toward a healthier lifestyle.

So what are the benefits of working out in the workplace?

No excuses

How many times have you promised yourself you’d exercise after work? By the time you get home from a long day at work, commuting, and making dinner, it’s obvious that exercise isn’t on the to-do list. Yes, some people exercise enthusiastically no matter how long the day is. But for employees who struggle with fitness, having an on-site gym can make a workout routine easier, especially if co-workers also serve as fitness responsibility partners.

Reduce health care costs

Employees who exercise every day have better physical and mental health. From losing weight to strengthening bones and joints, exercise can improve P-functioning. In addition, proper nutrition and exercise mean fewer doctor visits and more successful workdays. Some studies report that as little as 20 minutes of exercise can reduce the risk of serious chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease. Support these initiatives by promoting wellness programs through on-site gyms to make it clear to employees that healthy living is important.

Social relationships

When a team feels taken care of, they tend to put more effort into their work. Providing colleagues with an opportunity to bond outside the formal work environment promotes healthy personal and professional relationships. By offering their employees private gyms, companies are proving that they want to see their employees thrive outside of their workspace.

Increase productivity

A Harvard study shows that the benefits of exercise aren’t just physical. While lower blood pressure and a healthy heart are certainly benefits of exercise, there is more evidence that it can improve mental abilities, such as increasing creativity, learning faster, clearer memory, and improving concentration.

Some studies have shown that actually exercising during work hours can also improve performance. A study by Leeds Metropolitan University found that employees who went to the gym during working hours were more productive, better managed their time and felt more job satisfaction.

The reduced pressure

It’s no secret that stress wreaks havoc on the human body. Stressed employees often need more mental health days, turn to emotional eating, and skip important doctor visits. The report shows that exercise helps improve mental health, allowing them to handle stress more clearly and better.

Exercise lowers cortisol levels (the body’s stress hormone) while sweating releases endorphins that help you relax. Instead of reaching for office candy, an on-site gym can help employees achieve new fitness goals.

No matter how busy your workday is, you’re not doing yourself any favors by ignoring your health. When you neglect exercise, you put your physical and mental health at risk, which can negatively impact your productivity and effectiveness.

A good solution: Incorporate physical activity into your workplace, so how?

Turn your commute into exercise

The time you spend commuting is already the amount of time you log each day. So why not turn this time into exercise?

There are ways to incorporate exercise into all types and lengths of commutes. If you live nearby, choose a pair of comfortable and light sneakers and jog to work instead of driving or taking public transportation. Be sure to check the best and safest route for your location.

If the distance is a bit too far, you can also choose to ride a bike to work. A multiple-gear cruiser would be better for regular commuting. Exercising on your commute, rather than just sitting there, can make you feel good and help you stay fit, even in winter. You just have to dress the part.

Replace your table and chair with a stability ball

Ever seen someone sitting on what looks like an exercise ball instead of a chair in an office environment? It’s not about being comfortable or looking cool – there are actually a lot of health benefits to sitting on a stability ball at work.

On the one hand, it can help you practice better posture by enforcing proper spinal alignment. Why is that? Because your body is constantly trying to balance on the ball, it’s easiest to balance in a sitting position with your spine aligned correctly.

Sitting on a stability ball also strengthens your abdominal muscles, as these are the muscles your body uses to compensate for changes in balance. Basically, you’re doing a low-impact abdominal workout every time you sit down – and those hours add up.

Finally, one study found that children’s attention increased when they sat on a stability ball. While there have been no studies on how stability balls affect attention in adults, we might feel the same effect.

Use the under-the-desk exercise machine

These small machines sit under your desk and allow you to burn extra calories by stepping. Walking in place is a great way to get your daily cardio workout and a few extra steps. The under-desk elliptical allows them to move freely without hitting their knees on the desk, and it can also be used standing up.

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Create a Desktop Workout

A typical desk workout might take about five minutes. Popular components of tabletop exercises include wall push-ups, jump jacks, chair squats, torso twists, and water bottle arm lifts.

Busy schedules seem to keep us from fitting exercise into our busy week. Pack a gym bag, get your gear ready, and turn the place you spend most of your time into a mini-gym to start working out.