Wooden watches are such a #vibe for the modern man!

Think about it: they combine all the elegance of your favorite (digital or analog) timepiece with an eco-conscious body that looks absolutely stylish when paired with any trendy outfit.

Sure, they’re not quite as tough as metal watches (even ebony and teak can’t compete with titanium or stainless steel), but they’re the prime choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Because no one who sees your wooden watch will be able to avoid looking a second (and even third or fourth) time at the truly unique accessory.

Have I piqued your interest? Excellent!

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the best wooden watches, made using some of the most gorgeous woods on the planet. They’re more than just timepieces—they’re a fashion statement and a declaration to the world that you’re a man who cares about the environment enough to display your passion on your wrist.

Keep reading all the way to the end, when I’ll share some simple pros and cons of wooden watches (yes, there are cons!), as well as the basics of how to care for your brand new masterpiece.

Get ready for a game-changing addition to your watch collection!

Best Wooden Watches for Men


Holzkern Dusk

Made from black walnut, this wooden watch is a true work of art! The wood is finished with a beautifully smooth texture that is both soft to the touch and offers an elegant appearance that pairs well with any formal or business casual outfit. The Citizen quartz movement is ultra-precise and keeps time accurately for years to come. You can adjust the band’s length to make it fit you perfectly, no matter how thick or thin your wrists are.

The watch is backed by a 24-day money-back guarantee, but a 2-year warranty. One look at it, and I think you’ll agree it’s a grand addition to your watch collection.


  • Material: Black walnut and black-brushed stainless steel
  • Black walnut and black-brushed stainless steel 45 mm


TruWood is one of the best-known names in the wooden watch world, one of the first brands to introduce and popularize wooden watches. So of course their fine products deserve a place on this list!

The Leather Leaf Green watch is one of the most striking and eye-catching wooden timepieces on the market. Made using pure black sandalwood, the watch itself is dark and elegant, but the face has a beautiful blank green slate color that is vibrant and evokes feelings of the forest and nature. You’ll love how minimalist the watch is, with just the three hands (second, minute, and hour), the brand name, and nothing else to detract from its natural beauty.

You can even add engraving or message to the back of the watch to give it a more personal touch. Thanks to the black leather strap (which is fully adjustable), it’s guaranteed to sit snugly on your wrist and draw just the right amount of attention to your style choices.


  • Material: Black sandalwood and black leather
  • Case Size: 40 mm

TreeHut Classic Boyd

If you’re looking for a lighter, brighter wooden watch, try TreeHut’s Classic Boyd. It’s made using premium Japanese bamboo, its light color contrasted beautifully by a dark leather strap (with either brown or red stitching, your choice). The ultra-precise Japanese quartz movement guarantees that the watch will always be on time—function meets form to perfection!

The design is beautifully minimalist: just the black metal hands, the TreeHut logo burned into the wood, and the minute marks around the watch’s face. No fluff or frills, just sleek, classy elegance in eye-catching bamboo. You won’t find many wooden watches that can rival it in price, either!


  • Material: Japanese bamboo and brown leather
  • Case Size: 45 mm

Cosmos Minimalist Wood Dial Scaleless Magnetic Wood Watch

This wooden watch takes minimalism to a whole new level! It totally disdains the standard three-handed time-telling mechanism, but instead features a unique magnetic mechanism that moves the two ball bearings around their tracks to tell you the time. The outer track tells you the hour, the inner track the minute, and it’s close enough to the original analog design that you’ll immediately be able to read it at a glance. But it’s a truly one-of-a-kind design that minimalists are guaranteed to love.

The watch is made from reclaimed wood (eco-friendly!), though it’s unclear exactly what wood is used. However, given that each timepiece is handcrafted by a professional watchmaker, it’s safe to say these are a great investment that will deliver years of style and functionality.


  • Material: Reclaimed wood (unspecified) and leather
  • Case Size: 45 mm


This limited-edition watch is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship, made with painstaking and loving attention to detail. The result: a watch that stands out from the crowd, no matter where you wear it.

Made from hand-finished tigerwood, the watch is reinforced by a casing of ultra-tough distressed stainless steel, including a stainless steel full skeleton movement that is on full display through the sapphire glass protecting the watch face. Each of the watches come with steel and wood bezel rings that you can swap out at will, allowing you to customize the watch exactly the way you want it.

It even comes in its own humidor watch box, designed to protect it and put it on glorious display in your safe, closet, or shelf.


  • Material: Tigerwood and distressed stainless steel
  • Case Size: Changeable between 32 and 55 mm

BEWELL Wooden Wristwatch W154A

If you’re looking for a wooden watch to buy on the cheap, you’ll love this simple yet beautiful-looking timepiece by BEWELL. Though the watch itself is assembled in China, it’s crafted using a Japanese quartz movement that makes it as accurate as you could want. The black walnut is 100% paint- and chemical-free, as well as hypo-allergenic.

The watch steers well clear of minimalist, giving you both date and second sub-dials and hands that light up in the dark. The two-tone wooden band is smooth to the touch and will feel surprisingly comfortable on your wrist. Thanks to the provided link removal kit, you can adjust the fit to match your wrist size. The oversized dial and unique wood grain makes it an eye-catching piece for sure.


  • Material: Black walnut
  • Case Size: 46 mm

BOBO BIRD Ebony Wood & Stainless Steel

Take one look at this watch—made of beautifully dark ebony wood contrasted with shining stainless steel—and you’ll agree that it’s one of the most stylish on our list. Its “imported” quartz movement has been known to occasionally lose track of time, but the Sony SR920SW battery guarantees a longer running time than your average watch.

The wood used is hypo-allergenic and finished with non-toxic coatings, and it’s designed to be one of the most comfortable watches you’ll ever own and wear. The face features three sub-dials: date, second, and 24-hour time. It’s backed by a lifetime manufacture warranty and quality customer service.

Users have complained that the lume could be brighter, and some have found the watch isn’t quite as tough as they’d hoped. For the price, though, it’s hard to beat!


  • Material: Ebony and stainless steel
  • Case Size: 44 mm

BYMAX Wooden Wrist Watch Zebra Wood

For those who want a wooden watch that stands out from the pack, try this gorgeous Zebra Wood masterpiece. The wood grain is utterly unique, featuring long, bold dark stripes that give it a truly attention-grabbing pattern. By contrast, the ebony wood pieces provide just enough balance that the watch is eye-catching without being garish. Thanks to its lustrous finish, the watch will grow more beautiful with every use.

The watch weighs surprisingly little, and sits comfortably on your wrist all day long without chafing or rubbing. The Japanese quartz movement keeps it precisely on time even after years of daily use. The watch comes with a tool that allows you to remove/add links to customize the fit specifically to your wrist (though the customization process is a bit challenging and the provided tool is flimsy).


  • Material: Zebra and ebony wood
  • Case Size: 45 mm

Sentai Handmade Wooden Wrist Watch Black Sandalwood

If you’ve got sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions, you’ll want to give this Sentai watch a second look. It’s made using not only hypoallergenic black sandalwood, but also finished with hypoallergenic and non-toxic coatings that won’t irritate your skin. It’s smooth to the touch and looks absolutely gorgeous.

The luminous pointers make it easy to read the time even in low-light or dark environments, and the minimalist face brings a touch of elegance you’re guaranteed to love. The Japanese 2035 Miyota quartz movement keeps it accurate and helps the battery to last longer due to its energy-saving design.

On the downside, users have complained about quality control issues (watches arriving defective/chipped), and the band adjustment process is a true challenge.


  • Material: Black sandalwood
  • Case Size: 45 mm

Original Grain Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel 46mm

How awesome is this: a watch made using reclaimed wood from a whiskey barrel?! Whiskey drinkers will be thrilled to add this bad boy to their collection. The wood is American oak used for bourbon barrels, given a beautiful polish and finish that is guaranteed to draw the eye when paired with its espresso-plated stainless steel band and accents.

The double-domed sapphire crystal glass is incredibly tough and resistant to chips and scratches, and the Miyota 6P28 Quartz ensures the timepiece is always accurate down to the second. Not only is it backed by a 1-year warranty, but it’s also a product as eco-conscious as it is customer-minded. For every watch purchased, a new tree is planted to help encourage re-forestation and replenish depleted natural resources.


  • Material: Reclaimed American Oak Bourbon Barrel Wood and Espresso Plated 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 44 mm

Botanica Watches Ivy Zebrano Wood

This watch is made using Zebrano wood (different from zebrawood!), which features long, thin stripes that adds a subtle elegance to its case. Paired with black leather, it’s a stylish timepiece you can pair with any formal or business casual outfit. The leather band is soft to the touch but beautifully sturdy, so it delivers years of daily wear without tearing, fraying, or losing its classy look.

The watch is designed in the UK but uses a Japanese Miyota movement to ensure maximum accuracy in timekeeping. It utilizes only sustainable wood sources, and for every watch purchased, Botanica plants a new tree. The watches are all backed by a 12-month guarantee, too, so you can buy it knowing the manufacturer stands behind their quality.


  • Material: Zebrano wood and leather
  • Case Size: 42 mm


This Svenn watch’s sandalwood case is a thing of beauty, and the dark wood contrasts marvelously with the dark sapphire blue face. Thanks to the minimalist design, it’s an accessory you’ll be proud to wear around town, at the office, or on business trips.

The watch uses a Swiss movement (1069 Ronda) rather than Japanese, and features a sapphire glass case that is resistant to scratches, damage, and impact. The hand-finished wood looks and feels truly elegant, and you’ll find it weighs next to nothing when sitting on your wrist. Each watch is backed by a 1-year warranty (for mechanical parts), and is accurate to -10/+20 seconds/mo, operating in temperatures ranging from 0 to 50 F.

The battery life is better-than-average, too, delivering around 34 months of runtime before it needs replacing. The beautiful wood has an excellent hardness that makes it resistant to damage, but the finish grows more elegant with every wear. For the price, you won’t find many competitors that can match the looks and quality of this beautiful timepiece.


  • Material: Sandalwood
  • Case Size: 41 mm

Kerbholz Michel Wood

Made entirely from walnut—case and strap both—this is a beautiful timepiece to add to your collection. The walnut is all harvested using sustainable forestry methods, and finished with just enough protection to ensure a longer lifespan without compromising the natural feel and weight of the elegant wood itself.

The crown and clasp are both made with stainless steel, and the sapphire-coated mineral glass increases durability and reduces the risk of scratching or damaging the watch face. Thanks to its integrated solar movement, it will stay charged and on time all year around. It’s even water resistant (up to 3 meters) as a result of the Metal-Core Technology used to shield the watch’s mechanisms from dust and moisture.


  • Material: Walnut and Texon Vogue
  • Case Size: 45 mm

Plantwear Wooden Watch Pure Series Carbon Racing

Vegans, meet your new favorite timepiece! This watch is made using not only elegant black oak, but also washapa, a vegan leather alternative that has become highly popular thanks to its eco-friendly nature, but is just as durable, elastic, and stylish as regular leather. Designed in all black and dark colors with just a hint of red (on the watch face and the band’s stitching), it’s an eye-catching piece that you’ll love showing off.

The watch can be largely customized—though the dial and strap remain the same, you can choose your wood, including American walnut, Zebrano, and maple. It’s kept accurate by a Miyota 1L45 and backed by a 2-year warranty. Pair it with white or light-colored shirts to really make it stand out from the crowd!


  • Material: Black oak and washpapa
  • Case Size: 44 mm


If you want the elegance of wood but the durability of metal, you’ll love this Luxwood watch! The case and band are chiefly made with stainless steel, but incorporate just enough golden sandalwood to make the wooden accents stand out. The wood itself is hard, dense, and beautiful, and you’ll find it’s impact-resistant, warp-resistant, and absolutely stylish with any outfit.

The Seiko movement displays time, date, and 24 hour time, and the face features exquisite details that make it a truly elegant timepiece. Each of the band’s links can be removed to customize the fit according to your wrist size. The customization process is surprisingly easy and painless, and you’ll have little trouble adjusting the band’s length.

Each watch ships in a gorgeous oak watch box, complete with luxurious watch pillow. Shipping within the U.S. is free and all of the watches are backed by a 1-year mechanical warranty. It’s reliable, sturdy, eco-friendly, and trendy—everything you want in a brand new watch!


  • Material: Stainless steel and golden sandalwood
  • Case Size: Unspecified

Buying Guide and FAQs

Pros and Cons of Wooden Watches



How to Care for Wooden Watches

If you’re going to wear a wooden watch, it’s critical that you know how to properly take care of it.

The good news is that cleaning and maintenance of your wooden watch isn’t too difficult. Just a bit of time and attention will be enough to keep the watch in good shape.

To clean your wooden watch:

Ideally, anyone who wears a wooden watch regularly (daily, or 2-3 times per week) should clean the watch every month. If it spends more time sitting in a watch box and less time on your wrist, try to give it a clean at least four times a year. That way, you can know for sure you’re eliminating any excess skin oil, dead skin cells/flakes, and dirt that might accumulate on the watch.

Checking and Changing the Battery

Typically, wooden watches will operate for 18 to 36 months before the battery needs replacing.

The good news is that replacing your battery is fairly simple: just use a jeweler’s screwdriver to remove the backplate, remove the old battery, and replace it with a new one.

The watch batteries are typically found in most hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) or electronics stores.

Snap the new battery in place, replace the backplate, and you’re good to go!

Signs of Aging

Your wooden watch will naturally develop a patina with age, due to the wood and stain soaking up moisture and skin oils. Sunlight, air temperature, and even humidity can also impact the watch’s natural coloration over the course of years.

However, it’s important to be on the lookout for any signs that your watch is growing old or getting damaged. These signs of aging include:

Regular cleaning should help to prevent the normal wear and tear, but if you see any of the above signs of damage, it may be worth taking your wooden watch to a jeweler’s for repair and professional cleaning.

(Note: Most wooden watch retailers—such as Modply, TruWood, and Jord—offer their own cleaning and repair services. They have their own supply of specialized components and can easily effect the necessary repairs or replacements as needed. It may be worth sending your watch back to the manufacturer rather than taking it to a local jeweler who specializes in metal accessories, but may have little experience with wooden watches.)