Every man and even every teenage boy needs to have at least one good suit. Complete with suit pants, jacket, a nice shirt, and tie. The cool part is that the best suit brands make all the above, with some even making special belts, suspenders, shoes, dress socks, and more.

It seems that you can sneeze in any direction and find a brand that makes suits. In America and throughout the world, you’ll see countless brands making the best suits in the business. Some of these are expensive while others are relatively affordable.

We never feel that brands should overprice their products, but some brands can do this because they know people will pay the price they set. Suit brands that simply put their effort into making suits and nothing else have always been able to produce some incredible material over the years.

One can always buy shoes and other things elsewhere. Think of a nice suit with Chelsea boots, for example. When it comes to suits, it starts with the right kind of jacket. While peacoats and casual blazers can count for this at times, they are not “technically” suit jackets.

Although great, you need something specifically designed as a suit jacket. To top it off, you’ll need the jacket to match the pants you have too. Not all blazers are meant for this, as many are designed to wear separately. With that knowledge, you must consider a suit jacket being different here.

While in no particular order, we had trouble with this list more than most other awards. Instead of showing you the five best suit brands, we’re going to show you the best seven. We’re sure you’ll agree adding another to these awards was a good idea.


Tom Ford

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While people often talk about men’s shoes when they mention the name of Tom Ford, this company is also one of the best suit brands in the world today. While they have gone unsung in this world a bit over the years, it seems like the last few years have been big for them.

Suits were marketed a bit more and celebrities began wearing them more. When people like Brad Pitt wear your suit, that is a pretty big deal. However, compared to other brands we’ve seen in the suit market, they do not charge as much as one might assume.

While a tuxedo or fancy suit will be costly regardless of the brand, Tom Ford does not make their suits out of reach for the business types. Your random manager at a bank could technically afford one of their suits.

Meanwhile, the CEO of an investment firm, who makes far more than that Manager does, could buy multiple Tom Ford suits. Funny enough, he’s still dressed the same as the Manager and that is what helps the brand so much we’ve noticed.

You’ll spend a good bit, but it is reachable for those wishing to move up.

Tom Ford Suits

The suits made by the Tom Ford brand are going to be made with high quality. With the money you spend on these suits, they won’t ever be made using substandard material or half-assed. You’re getting a high-quality suit made to make you look good that will last you a long time.

The brand sells three main colors of suits. That is Navy Blue, Black, and Grey. Unlike other brands, Tom Ford does not sell multi-colored suits. To them, a complete suit collection is going to be universal for all time.

That means no matter how weird fashion gets or what time period you’re in, a Tom Ford suit can be worn because a black and/or grey suit really never goes out of style. However, they do sell jackets of wild design and color. So Tom Ford does go wild with their stuff at times.

Interestingly, you’ll spend as much for the jackets as you will for the entire suit most of the time. We recommend economically speaking to get the suit to save a few hundred bucks…or thousand.

They love the use of wool in their suits, especially the jacket. They also make use of satin better than most, by making it a key material used inside the clothing and partially outside of it depending on the suit model.

Stylistically, they also have a pinstripe option as well as a pinpoint option.

All of their suits can be made to measure and tailored just for your body. Though this costs a little extra, they will make a private meeting for you to be fitted just about any time. To find out more about this, click here.

Price Range:

If you are currently taking a drink, we suggest you swallow before you read the rest of this. We’ll wait…..

Tom Ford suits can be quite expensive for the average man. However, for the men with some money to spend, they can be a great purchase. For one of their suits, you’ll spend anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000.

As mentioned earlier, this does not include any fitting you may want to do nor does it include a particular sales tax you have to pay.

They do cover shipping for you, as long as it is standard ground shipping. For any speedy type of delivery, you’ll have to pay an extra $20 minimum. Overnight delivery will cost at least $35. However, if you live in Manhattan, New York you can actually get the suit delivered the same day you purchase it.

To find out more about shipping and possible returns or exchanges, click here.

Since Tom Ford suits are made so well, it is rare that you’ll see a problem with them. Due to the return program they have, they’re likely able to repair any small issue you might have with their clothing. Meanwhile, they’ll suggest dry cleaning for any stain or possible issue you might cause in that department.

This means they do not technically have a warranty on their clothing but they’ll help when they can. This is especially true for wealthy or famous clients.



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We’re really not sure about Nordstrom sometimes. We like how modest they seem to be about their suits but it’s pretty clear that they do not like selling them as “suits.” Nordstrom sells a lot of different types of suits from various other companies.

However, the Nordstrom brand makes dress shirts, dress pants, jackets/blazers, and even dress socks. Yet despite all of this, NONE of them are sold together from what we can tell. They have them labeled as “separates” on their website.

In store, you can find them spread out as well. They do sell ties and dress shirts together a lot, but this is common and expected. We’re assuming they are not selling their own brand along with other full suits to avoid interfering with the brands they sell or they simply want to drive up cost with customers forced to buy everything separately.

It’s really uncertain. However, we’re going to guide you into finding complete Nordstrom suits below.

Putting Together The Nordstrom Separate Selling Suit

When you go to their website or try to find things at their store, you’ll hit a wall if you’re looking for a complete suit made by the guys at Nordstrom up for sale. This is why you have to know key terms that will allow you to construct the suit you truly want.

Look for these few lines, copyrighted by Nordstrom:

  • Nordstrom Men’s Shop
  • Smartcare™ Traditional Fit
  • Smartcare™ Trim Fit
  • Nordstrom Men’s Shop Smartcare™ Trim/Regular/Traditional Non-Iron
  • Nordstrom Men’s Shop Classic
  • Tech-Smart
  • Nordstrom Signature

Keeping these in mind, you’ll be able to find every single garment that has the Nordstrom brand connected to it. If you follow the directions completely, you’ll be able to find two complete sets of suits under the Smartcare and Tech-Smart line.

You nearly can for the Classic as well. You’ll also be able to connect the parts that make their tuxedo, but since those are not “technically” suits, it is what it is.

As long as you put them together correctly, you can make about 4 or 5 different suit types to wear. That’s not including the colors you get them in.

Price Range:

The prices for the Nordstrom brand are always reasonable and among the most affordable that we can find. The real issue comes with the fact that they don’t sell complete suits and sell the parts of it separately. That is a big issue with the price compared to other affordable brands like them.

For jackets, you’ll spend around $250 but they have markdowns all the time and currently sell most of their blazers for $150. Pants can go for $60 all the way to $130. Dress shirts can range wildly as well. You’ll normally find them at $50 to $90, depending on tax.

That means for a complete suit set you could spend near $500 depending on the type of suit you put together for yourself.

They do have both free shipping and free returns. This is of course for the standard type of shipping and any speedy service will cost you more.

Like many, they do not really have a warranty on their clothing but they do make exchanges and accept returns on a case by case basis. To check into this further, click here.

They also have their own credit card that you can apply for if you want to buy clothing from them but do not have the money at the time. Depending on credit, you’ll either have a good or bad APR. These can be good to help credit but you’ll need to make sure to make all payments or risk problems.

To find out more about their card and if you can be accepted for it, click here.


Brooks Brothers

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The Brooks Brothers brand may not seem as well known as other brands on this list, but they have been making and selling clothes among other items for decades. In fact, they are currently celebrating their 200th Anniversary!

Due to this, the online store is selling several items from the company at as much as 60% off! It has never been a better time than now to check out the Brooks Brothers brand. Unlike others, they have a magazine that goes out all the time.

This is not a catalog magazine like you might expect but a real magazine that, while it does advertise their products, also has really impressive articles.

Also unlike others, they sell a lot of suits that take chances. Sure, they sell the simple grey, black, and dark blue versions of suits like several others. Yet they also sell much more than this with several compelling designs.

That said, let’s discuss them!

Brooks Brothers Suits

A compelling argument has been made lately that the Brooks Brothers brand has become problematic for several suit brands around the world. They make incredible suits with each part of them being of high quality.

Yet they also do this with several impressive colors and designs all at a price that the average man can actually afford.

Besides the holy trinity of colors mentioned earlier, they also sell colors like cream, eggshell white, brown, and even orange.

They have lines of suits that are all impressive too. Each specific to a different type of suit that people can enjoy. Those lines are:

  • 1818
  • Red Fleece
  • BrooksCase
  • BrooksCool®
  • Golden Fleece®
  • BrooksGate™

Each has its own unique style, as mentioned beforehand.

The BrooksGate™ option leans toward the wool suit type, with some plaid designs and stripes being involved.

1818 is all about the business look, with several pinstripes, solid color, and three-piece suits involved. You’ll also see a lot of three button jackets here too.

BrooksCool® leans toward the business casual side, with many of the models even wearing sneakers to signify that this is a fun section with these suits being multi-functional. They also heavily lean toward the check design as well as stripes.

BrooksEase is for the younger men out there, mostly teens. They are made to come off like something you might see a kid wear at a choir concert or something similar to this.

GoldenFleece® is the most expensive suit line within the Brooks Brothers brand. Most every single suit here is solid in color, with some designs line checks or plaids being used in a micro fashion that makes them barely visible.

Red Fleece interestingly is actually the cheapest line of suits within Brooks Brothers. Either everything seen here was made for the cheaper line or it contains markdowns from others, like a clearance rack. This is also where the boldest designs within Brooks Brothers ends up too. You’ll see compelling colors, checkered and plaid types no other line has, and more.

As for the suits themselves, all are made well and use one or two of only four different fabrics in their suits entirely. It’s either wool, cotton, exotic, polyester, silk, linen, or one of their inventive wools. Those are the Escorial™ Wool & Saxxon™ Wool, only found at Brooks Brothers.

Meanwhile, they offer three jacket options: double-breasted, two-button, three-button. They also have a French Cuff option and Nylon Material should you want to use either.

Price Range:

The Brooks Brothers brand does a great job on their website and in their stores about separating things enough to where people will find what they need. Their prices can be rough when you see the GoldenFleece® line, as those suits are $1,000 to $3,000.

However, their other lines are very affordable. You’ll spend between $250 to $900 for the suits on those lines.

They actually do have a Manufacturer Warranty that fixes up any major defect in the clothing. This falls under their return and exchange policy. This only applies to those who bought and live in the United States of America & Canada.

To find out more about any of this, click here.

For shipping, they have standard charges for all that live in the mainland United States. However, those who order from Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico are charged an additional $10 for any order. The faster you want the order, the more it’ll cost too.

They charge often based on the price of the order too. To find out about all of the shipping information including prices and where they deliver, click here.

Like others, they have a credit card you can use to buy their items should you need it. The limit you have along with the APR will be based on your credit like all are. To find out more about the card and how to apply, click here.

Brooks Brothers also make custom shirts and suits that are up to you for their color and design. However, this is going to cost a good bit of money. To find out more about their customizing option, click here.

They also do fittings at their stores, which can be found in just about every state in the mainland United States. To check out their Made to Measure option or make an appointment for a fitting with a store closest to you, click here.


Joseph A. Bank

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An unsung but great brand in the world of suits is Joseph A. Bank, often referred to as simply Jos. A Bank. We’re big fans of theirs because we know they offer some of the best suits you can find, while also remaining affordable.

Naturally, some are going to be more affordable than others. However, we cannot ignore the basic facts at play here. They are likely the most affordable brand we’re listing here, and it’s pretty odd seeing as they have one of the best collection of suits on the market today.

Let’s examine them and show why they are worth your time.

Jos. A. Bank Suits

First, you’ll notice either in-store or online that they do an impressive job dividing things out to make it easy to find their suit lines. They have tuxedos as well as boys suits, which they like to separate from the normal men’s suit lines.

They have an interesting list of colors. Those are black, black & white, blue, grey, tan, and white/cream. We also like how they handled their lines as well. Jos. A Bank separates their lines in what appears to be the function or use the suit will have.

You’ll understand what we mean when you check them out below:

  • Traveler Suits
  • Reserve Suits
  • Signature Suits
  • Signature Gold Suits
  • 1905 Suits
  • Executive Suits

As you’ll notice, they have two main function lines in the Traveler and Executive. Combining this with the Reserve, these lines are all about the use of the suit.

The Signature lines are all about what the Jos. A. Bank brand is known for, with both the normal signature and the gold version coming completely tailored in the price for the person wearing it.

The 1905 line is made for colder weather and uses what the brand calls “brrr° comfort.” While the entire line is not for the colder time of the year, a large portion of them are.

They come in either Slim-Fit, Tailored-Fit, or Traditional-Fit.

You’re also able to customize your own suit using parts from any of the lines to perfectly make the suit of your dreams. This cannot be done online and must be done with a store, ideally one local to you. To find out more about this, click here.

Price Range:

The prices for suits at Jos. A. Bank are always reasonable from what we can tell. They do not have any suits that are so overpriced that the average man cannot afford them. Well, except possibly one.

While most of the suits range from $200 to $500, the Reserve Line has a few that go higher than this. They can reach near $600 but they never actually get to it completely. Most of those sell for $550 and may only reach the $600 mark through tax or extra shipping charges.

They have normal shipping charges and request people go to their stores if they live somewhere that a store is present to save this extra charge. However, most of the products ship for free since you’ll likely spend over $50, which is what they ask for free shipping to kick in.

Speedy deliveries can cost more, as much as nearly $40 depending on the speed.

In addition to this, Jos. A. Bank has what they call “The Quality Promise” which acts as a warranty of sorts. If you’re not happy with the suit, they’ll attempt to make it right in any way that they can.

To find out about any of this, click here.

They also have a gift card called the TravelerCrease® that can be given to people in a physical card copy or act as an eCard. To find out more about this, click here.


Hugo Boss

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The Hugo Boss brand does not have the best history compared to other suit brands. They began in the early 1900s in Germany. Like others, they were forced to do things for the Nazi Party even when they did not want to. That led to Boss creating Nazi Uniforms used by the soldiers, and even Adolph Hitler himself.

While they capitalized on this monetarily and introduced lines dedicated to Hitler, they were not exactly beloved due to it. After Hitler’s demise, they moved from uniforms to suits and became well known for them around the nation. They’d go public in 1988, introducing women’s clothing and even a fragrance line.

In 2006 and 2007, they introduced a kid’s line and would go on to become a major digital brand that sold suits all over the world.

They have been known for some time due to their impressive styles and dramatic colors. Many celebrities wear them from athletes to actors, which has helped the notoriety of the brand explode in recent years.

You’ll see their clothing under a few names. It’ll be labeled HUGO, BOSS, or simply HUGO BOSS. It’s all the same place, and you’ll often see other major stores selling their suits in their stores across the world.

Let’s examine what makes the Hugo Boss brand so special.

Hugo Boss Suits

If there is anything that the Hugo Boss brand does better than most suit brands, it’s staying ahead of the culture. When it comes to fashion, things can be terribly difficult for any brand to stay ahead. However, this German fashion-house seems to do this quite well.

They do it so well in fact that several other brands have copied their style in their suits as well. The brand is mostly known for its low button, open chest blazers that truly separate them from the pack.

This along with their variety of color options that other brands are too afraid to try at times. It is quite clear that they do not care about just making the standard black, grey, or blue suit and stopping there. They have those but they also have white, beige, brown, green, red, silver, as well as patterned.

They are not afraid to go far in their patterns. When you ask for a pattern, they really bring it as you’d expect it. The patterns they use are:

  • Plain
  • Check
  • Motiv
  • Melange
  • Patterned
  • Striped

All of this can come in any material that they have in use. The materials used in their clothing are:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Synthetic Fibre

They also have 4 fitting options. Those are:

  • Slim Fit
  • Regular Fit
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Extra-Slim Fit

Hugo Boss also offers category options on their website that allows you to find the type of suit you need. This breaks down to normal suits, business suits, mix and match suits, and tuxedos. All look amazing.

Price Range:

The price is where Hugo Boss really hurts themselves in the eyes of suit fans. They are higher priced than many others. That said, you’re going to spend a good bit of money here compared to other suit brands, but you’re getting amazing quality.

Their prices range from $500 to $2,000. This is not bad for the high-fashion or luxury fashion types that we’ve seen. In fact, most of their suits can be purchased from $800 to $1,200. That said, you’re not going to spend as much as you might think with Hugo Boss.

They have completely free shipping and returns, which is pretty cool. This includes all 50 states as well as U.S. annexed territories of American Samoa, Peurto Rico, Guam, and others. It even includes random smaller islands.

You can also get free shipping to a local Hugo Boss store if you order online opposed to buying in-store.

Sadly, they do not have a warranty of any major type. It is claimed that they’ll fix minor issues you might have, but this may only be for those brought into their stores.


Giorgio Armani

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When you think about luxury suit brands, it often starts and ends with the amazing Giorgia Armani brand. Of course, Armani makes several different items of clothing beyond just suits and things that go with them.

They also make sunglasses, jeans, bags, dresses, shoes, and much more. Armani is a complete luxury clothing brand who can do it all. However, when it comes to suits they just know how to get it done better than most.

Suit brands like Armani are hard to find, so let’s explore what makes them so special.

Armani Suits

First and foremost, the cool part about Armani is that they take chances. Sure, they do the normal things that we expect from them. However, they also know that their brand is such a big deal that they can make other stuff and try new things.

This led to them making suits in other colors beyond gray, blue, and black. They have various pattern colors and even pink! Those are just the full matching suits.

They also sell various different jackets and blazers that can be red, tan, brown, white and various others. This is the same for things like casual dress shirts and great dress pants too. Truly one could make an entire suit on the separate items that are possible to buy and match up.

Another great thing about Armani is that they try to fit all size types. You’ll see sizes made for smaller people but their suits go all the way up to XXXL!! That inclusion makes them a great destination for big & tall people too.

Material made by Armani is always of the highest quality, and they also offer a tailored made to measure option. To learn more about this or to set up an appointment, click here.

Price Range:

This is Armani so that automatically tells you that you’re going to spend more here than with other suit brands. Since they are a luxury brand, that means more money will be spent here than your average place.

With Armani, you’ll spend anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000. However, they have one suit that is a little more than $10,000.

They have another part of their brand too, known as Emporio Armani. With this side of the brand, you’ll pay a lot less for suits comparatively speaking. You’ll find other color options here too like beige, brown, green, orange, and white. The average suit cost here runs from $1,200 to $2,500.

They charge around $10 for standard shipping anywhere with higher rates for those that are asked to be rush shipped. Hugo Boss also does returns for $5 within the first 20 days only.

According to their terms and conditions, they have the right to not accept any return even if there is a problem with it. Usually, after 20 days, they won’t accept any return but at times they will accept those that have problems with them.

That said, if you want to know their full terms and conditions, click here.


Kenneth Cole

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The Kenneth Cole brand may very well be the youngest suit brand on this list. They were officially formed in 1982 and have grown each year since. They opened their first store in 1984 and have been selling products ever since.

Kenneth Cole has been a huge supporter of foundations that have sought to help those with HIV/AIDS. The brand has also been a big supporter of women’s rights and was way ahead of other brands in doing so.

Going public in 1994 allowed them to gain even more traction and have grown ever since. It is great to see too that they have remained a very charitable organization even after their success. They have been linked to several programs, including relief for Hurricane Katrina victims, while they were climbing the charts as a company.

They have always been ahead with equality and much more. If there is anything to love about the Kenneth Cole brand, all of this has to be it. However, they also have some amazing suits. Let’s discuss them!

Kenneth Cole Suits

Unlike some of the other suit brands, they do not have a ton of colors to choose from with their set up suits. The colors they do have are black, blue, grey, beige, and brown.

If you search for their jackets & blazers, you’ll find that they have more variety in their colors.

You’ll see a lighter blue, red, maroon, green, pink, orange, purple, and patterned coloring.

This is not even discussing their suit pants and dress shirts. All of this looks tremendous and even comes in some amazing material like silk, wool, velvet, and more.

Their most famous suit line is known as the “Techni-Cole Suits.” Here you’ll see a wide variety of set up suits that are available in several different materials. Overall, they are said to be comfortable and capable of working for several different occasions.

Price Range:

The cool part about the Kenneth Cole brand in comparison to other suit brands is that they have reasonable pricing that average men can afford. While they may still be expensive for some, they aren’t for most other people who are looking for a great suit.

The prices range from $100 to $700. Most of the time, they’re sold for a median price of $375.

They also offer free shipping on all orders over $100. Since all suits are sold for this or more, you’ll clearly get free shipping on your order if you order from Kenneth Cole online. This is only for the mainland portion of the United States, however.

According to their Terms and Conditions page, they sadly do not have any true warranty on their items. This is problematic for suits, however, they are often so well-made that you should not have any issue. If you want to check out the full terms and conditions, you can do so by clicking here.

Overview Of The Best Suit Brands 

As you can tell by this impressive list of suit brands, they’re all brilliant. For us, it was hard to pick out the best of the best in this field. The reason for this is clear, there are a ton of amazing suit brands. We’re not telling you things you do not already know, of course.

Perhaps your favorite suit brand was not listed in our picks. However, we extended our list to include two other brands because we felt that they deserved to be named. We felt it was only right that they were added to the awards.

Those we left off the list yet we feel are impressive are brands like Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Stacy Adams, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. They did not make our cut but still deserved mention for their impressive contributions to the world of suits.

Some of the brands listed offer their suits or portions of them for cheaper than others. Meanwhile, some of the brands and one, in particular, seems to have a higher price tag. Prices aside, you cannot deny that the quality of the suits is superb for all of the brands above.

In the end, that was what this list was all about. It decided the best brands in suit making based on quality and reviews, as well as how often people purchase and/or wear the suit. We did not want to include those that seem to be worn once by a celebrity for an endorsement and never again.

With this list, you saw the best of the best from brands that real people wear all the time. While we did have to extend the list to include more brands, it still took us to the true best in the field.

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