ith each fall and winter season, a new climate arises that presents an opportunity. One that allows men to step out of the summer body need and look into the winter body. It’s less maintenance but only on the body, not the wallet. This is where the amazing peacoats for men come into play. They look good, keep you warm, and help you stand out. 

You want something that can make you look good yet also not kill you in the finance category. We get it, trust us. That is why we’re leading you into the peacoats for men category. They look amazing but they won’t cost you as much as the random suit jacket might cost.

Peacoats are the perfect apparel for the fall and winter seasons. They’re mostly thick wool jackets worn in the cold to give your body the desired warmth needed. The first existence of the peacoats dates back to the 1600s where the Camplin family produced and supplied it to the British Royal Navy. 

While originally worn by the British, the United States Navy eventually rocked the peacoat too. It kept the sailors warm when they sailed the open sea during cold nights. By the 1800s, the peacoat became prominent and eventually referred to as an “officer’s coat” or “reefer jacket.”

The British Naval petty officers along with United States pilots for the newer Air Force wore it as their uniform during World War II. After the war was over, many took their peacoat home with them and it became a long-term style. Today, they are classic fashion statements. However, it can be hard to find good deals on them when trying to shop for one.

1) Match Mens Wool Classic Peacoat 

010 Black
1.3 Lbs

We feel the Match Mens peacoat might be one of the very best peacoats for men on the market today. It’s a blended model with 70% wool and 30% polyester, making it a great budget choice. This is perfect material for warmth in the bitter cold. The weight is pretty easy to deal with too, as it’s only 1.3lbs.

While these peacoats for men may look expensive, but it’s truly not. However, we should alert you that Match Men’s claims it needs to be dry clean only. This means it’s not an easy laundry choice. Despite this, it goes well with most anything from jeans to dress pants and everything in-between.

We should also point out that the buttons on this peacoat model aren’t as strong as they might need to be. The reason is understandable, as the buttons on one side have a loose fit that enables you to wear the coat with ease. If this becomes a problem, Match Mens managed to fix the issue before it started with an ability to secure the buttons.

The buttons can be secured but if you find it harder than it needs to be, you can use the smaller buttons positioned right behind them. This tends to work pretty well.

When you flip the collar, it sadly does not have a higher button to support the flap. This means it can be colder in the winter during those windy times of the month. This can be avoided with a simple scarf addition.

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  • Fashionable cut
  • It’s warm, comfortable, fully-lined
  • Easy to clean
  • Loosely fit buttons.


2) Nautica Double Breasted Wool Peacoat

Jet Black
1.4 Lbs

The Nautica Men’s double-breasted peacoat is another fine option for the fall and winter seasons. This is another blended model with the outer portion made up of 52% wool, 7% Rayan, 6% Nylon, 30% polyester, and 5% other fibers. Meanwhile, it weighs in at a mere 1.4lbs.

The over 50% wool ensures proper warmth, but with the inner side made of 100% polyester, that warmth is sealed in.

These peacoats for men have a double-breasted design in front, helping you wrap up and remain warm. This comes with additional vertical side pockets to keep your hands warm, which are properly lined and reasonably deep. Due to the depth, you can put a number of personal items in the pockets like a cell phone, car keys, and even a hat.

The notched lapels and collars are properly fitted with the collar being able to flip up to help keep the wicked wind away.

The arm length in these peacoats for men need to be kept in mind when you buy. They can be a little longer than some others out there. This is both good and bad, in that the added arm length gives more warmth but stylistically it could go beyond your hands.

This means you need to keep sizing in mind before you buy. Overall, this Nautica model is perfect with all the bells and whistles, including anchor buttons and polyfill.

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  • Comfortable
  • High quality make
  • Reasonably deep side pockets
  • The buttons are loosely fitted.
  • It’s not true to size.
  • You can’t layer so much underneath the peacoat.


3) DKNY Danby Peacoat

Navy Solid Melton
1 Lbs

This well-designed DKNY 32-inch peacoat is a fantastic option that can be worn with nearly anything, including dress clothing. It tends to weigh 1lb, and at a first glance seems like it could be an expensive coat. Bigger men, especially athletic types will find these peacoats for men work perfectly.

Despite being a bit thinner than others on the list, it keeps you incredibly warm. The peacoat’s 4×4 double breast can help add to the warmth. Meanwhile, the notch lapel sits properly on the collar for a fashionable look. The collar can be flipped to help block wind, and a button is present to keep that in place.

These peacoats for men go a little past your hip, which is great for style and warmth in the cold months.

The buttons for the coat are fitted to enable easy closure while the vertical pockets on the sides can be used to store personal items. Due to the depth, you can keep your hands incredibly warm and likely ensure theft protection a bit too. Meanwhile, the vent with the peacoat helps to improve movement in it.

The sleeves cover your arms efficiently to properly protect you from the cold. When it comes to cleaning these peacoats for men, you’ll need to dry clean it only.

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  • Good quality make
  • Durable, warm, comfortable
  • True to size
  • Breathable for spring
  • Doesn’t come in a smaller size.
  • Feels thin.
  • Stitches in the pockets are not properly done.


4) Tom’s Ware Peacoat

1.2 Lbs

The Tom’s Ware peacoat is tremendous and a blended option with 65% Rayon and 35% wool. It’s both soft and warm, capable of being worn in the cold winter and the lesser cold periods of the fall. It’s clearly quite stylish but this is assisted by its modern cut fit and amazing quality material used.

The warmth of these peacoats for men ultimately comes from the wool infused in the fabric. This is in spite of lightweight design with 1.2lbs in overall weight. This lower weight allows you to use the peacoat in a business casual or simple casual setting, allowing it to be perfect for the office as well as drinks with the guys on a Friday night.

The fitted buttons allow for easy closure while the style is helped out by the belted back, cuffs, and vertical pockets. Winds won’t be an issue to deal with as the arm length works to perfectly keep this away.

One note to keep in mind is that it is recommended to dry clean these jackets only, as it can be quite important. You may also want to pay attention to the sizing before you purchase as well.

The United States and European sizes can differ, which is key to remember. Large to XXXL is 42-50 for Americans but 52-60 for Europeans. You’ll want to keep this in mind when buying any clothing item.

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  • Very warm
  • Comfortable
  • Durable, lightweight, and high-quality
  • Inexpensive
  • No additional insulation
  • The buttons fall off easily


5) Premium Wool Blend Peacoat

1.9 Lbs

The Premium Wool Blend Peacoat is one of the highest quality coats on the list, coming in at a normal weight of about 1.9 Pounds. The pockets are seemingly abundant with these peacoats for men as they have two pockets in the lower flaps on the outer side.

Meanwhile, the two interior pockets are both deep and very efficient. They can be used to hold personal valuables like car keys, a cell phone, and more.

These peacoats have a slim fit, meaning they may not be right for everyone. Sometimes only certain heights and body types can pull off peacoats for men like this. However, the overall peacoat is tremendous with things like a back vent to help make walking and running a bit easier. It’s also useful for both casual and business attire.

Of course, since this is a blended peacoat it will have more than just wool in it. These particular peacoats for men are 51.8% wool, 41.4% polyester, 3.2% acrylic, 2.2% viscose, and 1.3% cotton. The materials combine to make a warm and comfortable fit with 100% lining and filling to ensure this.

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  • Well made, comfortable, and good quality
  • Warm.
  • Lightweight.
  • A bit thin
  • Buttons come off easily


6) Double Breasted Peacoat

1 Lbs

The Chouyatou Double-Breasted peacoat is a classic peacoat that takes a step back to the past. These peacoats for men are made in China, like seemingly everything. They are one of the best out there, as it was named one of the best men’s winter peacoats for 2024.

Looking at this peacoat, we can see why as it offers a corporate casual swagger that can work for any businessman in a white-collar job. Meanwhile, it does not come at a corporate price and can work for the average guy in the average job.

Of course, as it is stated in the coat’s name it is double-breasted for style and usage. However, it also has a button fly closure to add to both. This is a blended model, so we know it’s not 100% wool. In fact, it’s 10% polyester, 30% viscose, and 60% wool. However, it has a 100% polyester lining to give this a comfortable yet warm and sturdy finish.

These peacoats for men have three buttons on the sleeves to offer a classic look as well as a turndown lapel collar to offer a premium look. The beautiful slant pockets on both sides of the jacket are perfect for holding most personal items.

Due to being a Chinese product, Americans & Europeans want to be sure to order about 3 sizes larger than your normal.

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  • Perfect slim fit for an average built person.
  • Lightweight.
  • Pulled threads that pop out at hem, forcing people to cut them off
  • Smaller sizes, meaning a lack of bigger options


7) Aptro Slim Fit Wool Winter Peacoat

1708 Black
0.95 Lbs

The Aptro Slim Fit Wool Winter Peacoat is made up of 80% wool and 20% polyester, making it one of the most wool using blended options on the market. These peacoats for men are perfect for both corporate and casual wear with premium quality backing it up.

This even adds to its warmth level as much as its overall style.

This peacoat is also blended with a French façade to only give is a more cozy feel, while it’s also a slim fit to only add to its style. The padding is tremendous and useful in keeping you warm as it utilizes the wool fabric perfectly. Due to using so much wool, it may not seem like it from the appearance but this is a very lightweight peacoat.

The shape of these peacoats for men does not alter regardless of what you put it through. It does not fade or shrink, but only when dry cleaned. Although it may do both if used with a regular washing machine unit. However, it can keep itself relatively clean due to the wool offering as well, so it does not need to be washed on a regular basis.

This allows it to last much longer.

The peacoat also has two side pockets to comfortably accommodate your hands for cold times. These pockets are also incredibly useful for various personal items, and due to the deep nature, you’re unlikely to lose the items as well.

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  • Lightweight
  • Perfect slim fit
  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Too slim for those XL and up


8) Papijam Long Peacoat

Khaki Cream
1.4 Lbs

The Papijam Long Peacoat is a perfect khaki coat that is well-known for its warmness in the cold, as well as its sleek and soft finish. This is a blended peacoat that’s made up of 63% wool, 28% polyester, 6% rayon, and 3% other fibers. This combines to make one heck of a great peacoat.

The three button closure makes it easy to put on or take off. This combines with 2 inner pockets that can safely store personal items like car keys, credit cards, and other vital accessories. The pockets are lined with fleece to offer a warm place to put your hands when its cold out.

These peacoats for men are perfect for any place or event you decide to go to, as they’re perfect for corporate or casual periods. It offers a nice elegance without going over the top, along with being unique looking enough to make you catch some looks in a good way.

These peacoats for men may be an interesting khaki color, but other color options have been presented at times. Keep in mind as well that this is a Chinese product, and you’ll likely need to order 3 sizes up from your normal size.

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  • Sturdy material
  • Long sleeves that add to the warmth
  • No small or medium sizes


9) Tommy Hilfiger – Brady Double-Breasted Peacoat

Navy Blue
1 Lbs

The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Brady Double-Breasted Peacoat certain lives up to its brand name and reputation. These peacoats for men are another blended option with 60% wool, 25% polyester, and 15% other fibers. It’s a bit heavier than it might appear, which is something to keep in mind.

This is a noose peacoat look to most, which can be assumed by the two rows of buttons on this double-breasted model. However, the buttons do seem somewhat loose so you may want to reinforce them before too long.

These peacoats for men have a good amount of room for you to wear a sweatshirt among other things underneath. This item has long sleeves that go far enough to fully cover your arms in the cold and tend to go as far as the mid-palm. This may make it appear a bit larger but it helps a great deal.

Due to the size of these peacoats for men, the wind is practically nothing to this thing. The size is something to keep in mind, however, so if you do not like heavier coats then this could be a turn-off.

The lower part of the peacoat will stretch a few inches lower than your belt line. However, the hem is tapered so the overall appearance won’t look bad regardless of how long it goes.

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  • It comes in different sizes, so there is a perfect size for everyone
  • It’s not as warm as it’s meant to be


10) Tom’s Ware Wool Blend Peacoat

D077j Navy Blue
1.3 Lbs

The Tom Ware’s Wool Blend Peacoat differs from the previous Tom Ware model. This mostly comes with its single closure button on the outside, while the other buttons are tacked on inside. This allows it to double as both casual and corporate in appearance, which overall helps this item stand out to us.

Like most, this is a blended model made up of 65% rayon and 35% wool while it has a 100% polyester lining. This offers both stylish and warm peacoats for men in this case.

This is also a lightweight model, making it comfortable to wear in most seasons. Tom Ware’s peacoat is said to be dry clean only, meaning it should not be part of your machine washing clothing.

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  • The body fit is fantastic for average body builds.
  • It’s quite stylish and durable
  • The peacoat may seem quite small and tight for people on the big side, as there is currently no XL size.



What clothes do peacoats for men look good with?

Every single person’s style varies because it’s a way of expressing your personality. For instance, the fashion style of a tech geek might be different from that of a celebrity in the entertainment world. For some, the style regardless of pain or function is useless so long as they look good.

Meanwhile, others feel comfort is the most important thing.

When it comes to styles that peacoats for men can offer, you came to the right place. You can pair one with a Breton jumper. This typically comes with the traditional white and blue stripes like a French seaman’s sweater. It then balances well with a dark blue/black jeans. Meanwhile, black chinos pants and a peacoat go very well together.

Pin rolled jeans and wool trousers are great with peacoats and blend naturally. There are also several fabrics for corporate looks like corduroy. This allows you to wear peacoats for men in the boardroom and a night out with the guys..

You can have a more classic look by adding a winter gray coarse neck roll. However, you can have a more iconic Serge Gainsbourg or James Dean look by getting a navy blue neck roll instead of the gray color. 

While Navy blue is the most common peacoat color, Gray and Black options are great too. Meanwhile, the military vibe comes into play with Khaki green peacoats. Colors like Burgundy or a Rustic color can also be great for any look.

Footwear is simplistic too with a brogue or minimalist sneaker working well with this look.

Do peacoats for men keep you warm?

Every peacoat in the past was created to have a specific function it carries out.

When you take a look at the “shorter cut” of the peacoat, for example, you may not realize its original design concept. These were made to allow easier movement. Overall, double-breasted peacoats help to make your entire body warmer when you wear it.

The high collar and wide lapels function to ensure the cold air cannot get in your coat. Therefore, keeping you warmer at all times.

The lapels and collar are often held together with buttons, which are the main reason they stay in place. This is perfect during insanely windy conditions or action when you’re moving about quickly.

Peacoats for men are also typically made with thick wool, allowing it to be very durable. Often, peacoats are flame retardant as well. While not all fall under this category, a fair amount tend to be. Those that can allow you to extinguish a fire or flame without any assistance.

This offers ultimate protection.

This could allow you to run through fire without any real downside to the coat. Well, as long as you don’t just stand in one. It is only the jacket you don’t worry about, not the rest of your body.

Overall, however, peacoats for men were mainly designed for warm. The wool alone proves this fact as well as its use among military members for several centuries. We could not recommend them enough for times you need good, warm clothing.

Will it keep you warm?

Men, that is what it was literally made for.

What materials are peacoats usually made of?

It’s obvious that different materials are used to make peacoats. Keep in mind, they differ in price for a reason. However, before a peacoat is made with any kind of material, two things are put into consideration. That’s warmth and the cost of the coat.

Interestingly, the most expensive peacoats available are made out of goat wool instead of sheep’s wool. Peacoats for men made out of goat wool is designed to be more luxurious. This is likely why there is such a high price difference. While affording one is half the battle, you also have to clean them and maintain their luxurious nature.

This can be an expense on its own.

Meanwhile Sheep’s wool or Melton wool is less expensive and more commonly worn. They are often reasonably priced and much easier to find. A good portion of those on our guide will come under this category.

Before purchasing any peacoat, however, you want to keep your budget in mind. Watch out for the percentage of wool that a peacoat has. Peacoats for men with 100% wool surely give you outstanding warm, but they will be more expensive than a blended version.

We recommend you go blended when you’re on a tighter budget, as the materials are often perfect. You’ll often see a combination of acrylic, nylon, and other manufactured materials here. While the feel of a blended coat will differ from one made of 100% wool, this won’t really affect the overall style or affect that blended versions will bring.

Plus, at a lower price, it is a sensible purchase to go blended over 100% wool sometimes.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t have to be a hassle to select perfect peacoats for men on the market. You just have to pay more attention to the features of the peacoat. That means paying close attention to things like the body fit, style, dimension, comfortability, and material quality.

However, you also want to pay attention to the reputation of the brand, construction quality, color, price, and warmth provided. Of course, gathering all this information or trying to pay close attention to it can be stressful.

This is why we tried to help out the best we could. We feel we did that by offering an article that will perfectly help you find the best peacoats for men on the market today. That said, we hope you found one you wanted. Come back again for another great Men’s Gear buyer’s guide where we’ll go over yet another item that you should keep your eyes on.