Chances are that unless you’re following a vegan or vegetarian diet of some kind, you have probably tried steak at least once in your life. Although it is not as popular as it once was thanks to the appearance of many new trendy diets, as well as research into the greenhouse gases involved with meat production. But as red-blooded men we can’t argue, steak is simply delicious.

The go-to for meat lovers around the world, this premium cut slab of beef is undeniably the top choice if you want to tickle those taste buds of yours. Nothing can compare to the succulent flavor of a perfectly cooked steak.

There are so many steakhouses claiming to offer the best steak, or you have people like Salt Bae who just sprinkles salt on some slabs of meat for ludicrous money. There are also some arguments over the best way to cook and consume a steak. You have well done which is little on the crispy and dry side, medium-well and medium-rare which are both well respected choices.

Then you have rare, which leaves the meat looking very pink and juicy on the inside. The final option you have is blue, and let’s be real, only sociopaths and Hannibal wannabes will choose as it is very quickly sealed on both sides, served cold in the middle and oozing with fresh blood. 

Steak is consumed worldwide, and is a common choice for meat eaters in both Europe and America, however is slightly more popular in America due to the USA raising much more cattle than our fellow Europeans, leading to an increase in the production of beef. Meaning in turn that there is more access to delicious, premium steaks.

Steak is not just eaten in Europe and America however, it is also popular in Asia, Australia and in many South American countries.

Steak can also be sometimes considered as a status of wealth, as a prime cut steak will probably cost you a pretty penny. If you go into a restaurant and look at the menu, chances are the steak will be one of the most expensive items available on the menu.

There are many different types of steak cuts. So, you can easily find a cut to suit your desires. Some cuts have more meat than others, some have more fat. Some also far outweigh other cuts. You can get ribeye steak, strip steak, porterhouse steak, tenderloin steak, skirt steak, hanger steak, flap steak, short ribs, trip-tip, flank steak, top sirloin steak, rump steak, Denver steak, tomahawk steak and cube steak – to name just a few!

There are a multitude of different ways to season, cook and prepare steak to extract the wonderful flavors this prime cut of meat has to offer.

The Best of Steak, The Worst of Steak

Let’s be real, unless you’re served an ugly, shriveled and dried up grey piece of meat that might resemble something similar to prison food, it’s pretty hard to not enjoy steak. Unless of course, you’re not a meat eater, then steak probably won’t be your weapon of choice at the dinner table, and you probably have no interest in this article – but are still interested in finding out which is the very best steak you can buy in the world.

But if you do enjoy steak, and it makes you feel more masculine because you’ve been watching too much Joe Rogan, then keep reading for our list of the top steak houses across the globe that are worth visiting.

1. Longview Steakhouse

Location: Alberta, Canada
Recommended Cut: AAA Filet Mignon
Price: $80+

This antique steakhouse in Alberta, Canada resembles something of a derelict old ranch. Easily passable as something like an ancient school canteen, but don’t be fooled, the steaks are something special.

Confirming the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, steak fanatics across the country agree that this is the home of Canada’s ultimate steak.

It is located in Longview, a small town of just 300 people and deep in cattle country, a mere 60km due south-west of Calgary.

We recommend the highly sought-after Alberta AAA filet mignon, which is a whopping three inches thick, elegantly seared across both sides of the cut and will come topped by some demi-glace and a fresh hollandaise. This is the perfect steak to bring out your inner cowboy, Yeehaw.

2. CUT – Wolfgang Puck

Location: Singapore
Recommended Cut: Kobe Beef
Price: $95+

Wolfgang Puck, situated in Singapore, is the prodigy of a well known, famous chef who is renowned for the CUT empire. He quickly opened a high caliber restaurant to delve into the Asian market. With subtle views of the Marina Bay Sands, you won’t be disappointed. That’s before you even order too.

You can expect a nice, calm and contemporary atmosphere as well as having the opportunity to enjoy and experience some of the finest steak cuts that meat lovers around the world can appreciate. 

We recommend that you try the Kobe Beef. You can enjoy the ultimate 300-day grain-fed Australian Angus and see what all the fuss is about. If that isn’t your thing, then why not choose from a range of other great prime cut meats on offer here.

All premium cuts can be succulently paired with the long list of house sauces. You can wash your meat down with some wine or beer which has been selected solely as it relates to complementing the meat.

3. A Figueira Rubaiyat

Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil
Recommended Cut: Flank Steak
Price: $50+

If you’re looking for a great trip to Brazil for some awesome steak, then why not enjoy a culinary pilgrimage deep down to the southern hemisphere, all the way down to Brazil. Not somewhere you would expect to go for great steak, until you remember that half of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down to farm all of the cattle this country is famous for.

Fear not though, this is a very premium and upscale eatery and is an extremely popular choice for Sao Paolo’s wealthier population. You can expect more than just awesome quality cuts of meat here, all meat is completely homegrown or and everything is cooked over large, old style barbecue pits. Not to mention, they have some décor to really set the tone, but chances are you’ll be more into the mouthwatering steak scents wafting from the kitchen.

You have the opportunity to dine under a picturesque Bengal fig tree which makes for a very relaxing dining experience which will definitely be one for the memory books. If Sao Paolo doesn’t tickle your fancy, then why not check out other Rubayiat affiliate restaurants in Bueno Aires or Spain. However, we do recommend the original if you’re in the area.

4. The Grillhouse

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Recommended Cut: Slow-roasted prime rib
Price: $80+

Easily the top steakhouse South Africa has to offer. In fact, it is considered to be by far, the best steakhouse on the continent.

If, by some miracle, you happen to be visiting South Africa, or you live there and like steak, then you should definitely swing by The Grillhouse. Here you can find great food and even better drink.

This place is well known for their slow-roasted prime rib. Which should be enough alone to make you want to go. It is perfectly slow cooked inside a timeframe of 9-12 hours. It is also worth honorably mentioning their rump steaks and T-Bone steaks which are not to be looked down on. 

A well-established grill house that you are guaranteed a great meal at an affordable price. You can be sure by the ‘Grill’ in their name that the meat will be good, and the service will be even better.

5. Peter Luger

Location: New York, USA
Recommended Cut: Steak for two
Price: $100+

This is one of the older steakhouses on our wonderful list and is located in the massive concrete jungle known as New York.  Established in 1887, with well over 100 years of preparing and cooking steaks, so you could say they know a thing or two. You can expect high quality, premium meat, which is imported from Midwest America, all of the meat is surprisingly dry-aged on site before being served to you.

A long-standing family run business who takes pride in having their USDA certifications, you can also expect classic New York style service. If you’re prefer your meat very well done without any pink or juices, then we advise you steer clear as they want to do justice to their cuts, but if you enjoy good steak cooked by a pro, then check them out ad enjoy your meal.

6. Goodman Steakhouse

Location: London, United Kingdom
Recommended Cut: Rib-Eye
Price: $100+

Originally hailing from New York city, this well renowned Goodman steakhouse originally hopped across the water to open its doors in London in 2008. It has been so well received that since then, Goodman Steakhouse has opened two more locations, totaling three in the UK.

It was also voted as the best restaurant by many thousands of steak lovers, and it has also received a Michelin star, so you can be sure you will be paying for high quality and an all-round wonderful dining experience. The restaurant has also recreated the style of their New York steakhouse from everything to the classic New York accent.

You have the choice of choosing beef from Spain, the USA or the UK. You’re quite literally spoilt for choice when you dine here. All meat is dry or wet aged on premises. If you’re in London then it is definitely worth eating in, why not check it out?

7. Gibson’s Bar & Steakhouse

Location: Chicago, USA
Recommended Cut: Gibson’s Filets
Price: $100+

Chicago is known across America as a city which is renowned for having great, tasty steakhouses. But arguably the cities best has to be Gibson’s. For one simple reason, they have some awesome Black Angus cattle steaks on offer. These cattle are corn fed for around 120 days, the meat is then aged for 40 days, which causes it to be tender and delicious and definitely makes it stand out from other steakhouses.

You can of course expect high quality service with higher quality meats. A little more on the pricey side but absolutely worth it. Having been around from 1989, they certainly know how to cook a good steak. We definitely recommend checking them out for some good ole American steak.

8. El Capricho

Location: Leon, Spain
Recommended Cut: Just about anything on the menu
Price: $80+

Located in sunny Spain, although perhaps just a little out of reach from all of the main tourist attractions Spain has to offer however, is absolutely worth the trip down to Leon to visit this grill house. Located on Spain’s north-west side, situated in beautiful Castilla y Leon, you will find this unique little restaurant which is owned by chef Jose Gordon. Jose will take pride in giving you a newfound appreciation for Spanish steak.

Jose grills his very own variety of sirloins, entrecote, T-bones, entrecote to absolute perfection. Easily enjoyed with scenic views and some local wine. We highly recommend this one-off Iberian experience.

9. La Cabana

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Recommended Cut: Grand Baby Beef
Price: $100+

Argentina is often renowned around the globe as having some of the most juicy and tender traditional beef and is considered as one of the top producers of hormone free, grain-fed cattle.

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly close by, but if you happen to have the pleasure of visiting Buenos Aires, then you absolutely must make the effort to eat in La Cabana. You can expect A-grade prime cut meat which has been grilled to perfection. Not to mention the number of celebs who eat here whenever they’re in the southern hemisphere.

Be sure to bring a big appetite, you’ll need it. You can expect big portions and great service.

10. Aragawa

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Recommended Cut: Sanda Beef Sirloin
Price: $200+

Among the few most expensive restaurant in the world, with not one, but two Michelin stars, this amazing Kobe beef dates back to 1967. We recommend the Sanda beef sirloin, which is cooked in a unique brick oven and uses white charcoal, very fancy. This tender steak is simply mouthwatering, however don’t expect lots of dressing as it only comes with mustard and pepper. Many would pay twenty times the price for this delicious cut of meat.  

The slow process, from raising the cattle for 28 months in Hyogo, to the 10 separate grilling stages give the meat the rich and complex flavor you must try at least once in this lifetime.

11. Antica Osreria Nandone

Location: Tuscany, Italy
Recommended Cut: Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
Price: $100+

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Tuscany, then trying the traditional ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ dish is a must. But where is the best restaurant to eat it? Around 40km to the north-west of Florence, Antica Osreria Nandone resides, which is owned by Paolo Mugnai. The chef will cook an easily two fingers thick, huge bone-in steak directly in front of your hungry eyes, allowing for you to feast your eyes before you feast on the delicious steak.

Perfect for enjoying with some local wine and light seasoning. You are guaranteed to love this.

12. La Brigada

Location: Buenos Aires
Recommended Cut: Ojo de bife 
Price: $80

The meat consumed in La Brigada speaks for itself, and reigns supreme. You can choose from baby beef and ojo de bife which are easily some of the most enjoyable, popular cuts available. This beautiful Buenos Aires dining experience made possible by Hugo Chavarrieta is absolutely wonderful to eat in. You can also take advantage of enjoying their recent expansion, which includes a rooftop terrace.

A restaurant with awesome service and a real passion for steak, this quaint steakhouse is set with beautiful scenery which can be admired whilst drinking some of Argentina’s finest wine

13. Okeechobee Steakhouse

Location: Florida, USA
Recommended Cut: Rib au jus
Price: $80

Okeechobee, a small steakhouse located in the less fancy part of palm beach in Florida, has been doing business since 1947, so you could say that they have more than enough experience cooking steaks.

We can definitely vouch for the vibes. With old style sepia photographs, hard oak walls, paired with waitresses that look like they’ve been working there since the place opened. But my oh my are the steaks good, you have things like the heavy-marbled Delmonico, the bone-in Kansas City sirloin as well as a delicious prime rib au jus. Absolutely divine, no words can do these steaks justice, you’ll have to try them for yourself.

14. La Maison De l’Aubrax

Location: Paris, France
Recommended Cut: T-Bone
Price: $90+

If you didn’t already know the wonderful Aubrac cow, which resides in France, is sadly a dying breed. Not just because of people eating steaks, but because the breed is just slowly dying out over time. However, this classic, traditional Parisian steakhouse still specializes in producing high quality Aubrac beef from the Aveyron.

The succulent, prime cut meat is sought after by many and is very rich in taste. You can expect traditional French cuts likes entrecote, a delicious faux filet which is grilled over coal and an awesome T-bone. The burger is also worth an honorable mention. Perhaps one of the most unique things about this steakhouse is that it stays open 7 days a week at all hours of the day, in case you fancy a steak at 4am, who knows.

15. Wadakin

Location: Osaka, Japan
Recommended Cut: Anything on the menu
Price: $90+

Much like their not so distance Kobe cousins, the Matsusaka cattle in Japan often receive massages to help tenderize the meat. Farmers will also sometimes give cows beer too to flavor the meat, and to drown their sorrows as they prepare themselves to become someone’s dinner, as well as play Mozart to relax them.

This amazing steak restaurant is around a 90-minute drive east outside of Osaka. You can expect extraordinary, out of this world steak which is expertly cooked over a special hibachi grill. You will want to try this place and we strongly recommend you do.

In The Moo-od For Steak?

If you’re still reading this far down, it is safe to assume you enjoy your steaks. Why not check out one of these amazing steak restaurants if you happen to get the chance? If you’re bored for the weekend why not take your better half for a romantic trip to get a steak? 


Which Steakhouse Is the Best?

There are many steakhouses, both on this list and off this list, with thousands in the USA alone. Ultimately the best steakhouse for you will probably be down to personal preference, but in order to have a preference you will need to try a few. So why not find out for yourself and let us know?

What Steak Should I Get?

There are many different types of steak, each with its own unique characteristics. Some steaks will be much bigger than others so make sure you pay attention to the weight of your steak. You don’t want to order something you won’t be able to finish, that would be a tad embarrassing. If you like to simply enjoy your steak without too much chewing or fat, then go for a sirloin or medallion. If you like lots of juicy flavor, then try out a ribeye or rump.

How Should I Get My Steak Cooked?

It all depends on how you like your meat? You can’t go wrong with medium, but many enjoy steak cooked medium-rare as this supposedly allows for the most flavor. Nobody wants to look at somebody eating a raw steak however, it may put people off their dinner, but if you like your steak rare then so be it. We would never advise a steak well done as it can be dry and leathery, difficult to chew and lacking flavor. Some chefs even go as far as refusing to cook a well-done steak, especially if it’s an expensive cut of beef, so if you really must, just ask for medium-well to keep everyone happy.

I Have A Vegan Partner But I Really Want To Go To A Steakhouse, Help!

Bringing the little lady to the steak house who is an out and out vegan? She might just have to sit there with a side salad while you tuck into pure juiciness. You never know, after a fair few glasses of wine she might even become the meat eater you’ve always wanted her to be. You know once she takes a bite of that mouthwatering steak flavor, she won’t turn back to veganism so quickly.

What Pairs Well With Steak?
Grilled beef steak on the dark wooden background.

Traditionally, steak was consumed with potatoes, so you can’t go wrong with potatoes whether they’re mashed, boiled, roasted or in the form of thick cut, triple cooked fries. You could also get other vegetables such as peas and tomatoes, which are served with many steak dishes, just nothing too flavorful that is going to detract from the lovely steaky-ness. Some sauces also pair great with steak, like peppercorn sauce, blue cheese or mushroom. Red wine and lager also wash down steak very nicely.

Steak Stakeout

If you have a favorite steakhouse, why not let us know where your favorite spot to go for a nice sirloin steak is in the comments? How do you like it cooked? We’re mid-rare guys ourselves, but we respect other opinions!