When it comes to toolboxes, portability and functionality always go hand-in-hand. You don’t need a bulky and heavy toolbox since it only adds to the weight of its contents. This is where Best Made Co.’s 15” Toolbox comes in.

The Best Made Co. 15” Toolbox is not only handy but also serves its purpose well. As its name suggests, the inside compartment measures 15 inches with the exact dimensions at 15.125″ x 7″ x 5.625.” It is a small yet efficient gear to hold your usual everyday workshop tools or tools for home and outdoor repairs like a hammer, scissors, tape measure, screwdriver, pens, or other smaller necessities.

The best thing about this toolbox is its unisex design. Anyone can own this classic beauty from an architect, engineer, an angler, to a painter. It provides multiple uses depending on your pursuits.

The Best Made Co. 15” Toolbox ensures your tools are safe inside whenever you’re on the go. It boasts durable construction made from 22-gauge powder-coated American steel and a spot-welded single latch closure and carrying handle to give you peace of mind when you move around.

Made entirely by hand in the USA, the Best Made Co. 15” Toolbox features simple trimmings. Aside from the lock and handle, it has the company’s classic Best Made data plate and a tiny American flag icon. It comes in four colours including navy, olive drab, red, and matte black. And since it Best Made, you can be sure that it is guaranteed for life. Moreover, it vintage aesthetics make it a cool retro addition to your collection.

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Images courtesy of Best Made Co.