Whether fine-tuning your ensemble for a hot date or planning your get-up for a night on the town with the lads, the smallest of details can have a huge effect. You can more readily manifest confidence when you feel great in your personal presentation to the world, whether that’s how you look or how you smell.

A quality suit or premium shirt could have you walking with swagger as you turn heads from afar. Although, a decent-smelling fragrance makes you feel like a king when you need to make a great impression with those in your close vicinity.

Superb quality, designer fragrances often accompany a hefty price tag and can leave you excessively lighter in the wallet. A better value option to save your well-earned money could be a dupe aftershave. Many dupes still provide quality that is close to or on the same level as the big brand options.

Here are 11 dupe perfumes as good as the original that could be great options for you to try in time for your next event.


Creed-Aventus: One of the Ultimate Designer Inspired Perfumes for Men | Dupe called Executive - CopyCat Fragrances

Aventus. Those three little syllables exude excellence when spoken aloud. The bottle is emblazoned with a horse and its rider, illustrating the French emperor Napolean and the polarising war and peace throughout his life.

The bottle design is a symbolic representation that each man endures on a personal level. This being his success, his struggles and coming out the other side of any situation a stronger, more capable and determined man.

Once you open the bottle and spritz its contents, you understand why this has the global status as an all-time favourite for countless people. These people are men from all manner of backgrounds and personal preferences, proving that Aventus is truly universal and of the ultimate quality.

A scent of this prestige sells for a very pretty penny on the high street, money that could be better spent on making memories, enjoying life and buying other necessities. A smell-a-like Aventus fragrance could provide the world-class smell that you seek for much better value.

You’re in luck. CopyCat Fragrances have created its own dupe, called Executive, which smells almost indistinguishable from the original and at approximately a quarter of Aventus’ retail price.

The fruity opening with notes such as apple, citrus and bergamot fills your nose like a dazzling melody pleasing the ears of its listener. Heart notes of pineapple and patchouli follow and end with the long-lasting, smouldering base notes of ambergris and oakmoss.

Aventus will never go out of fashion, it is entirely timeless. The perfect combination of fruits and musks is absolutely irresistible and you might want to keep it as your signature scent for a long time to come.

The amazing value and near-identical smell of Executive to Aventus make it affordable and simple to do this. So, you could spray it gung-ho and still be able to use it as your signature scent for as long as you like.


Creed-Viking: One of the Most Convincing Perfume Dupes Ever Made | Dupe called Viking - CopyCat Fragrances

Viking, the name says it all! Courage, masculinity and adventure combined in a bottle to provide the aromatic embodiment of the contemporary man who lives life his own way.

Another classic fragrance by Creed, stunning to smell, albeit eye-wateringly pricey.

Enter CopyCat Fragrances’ alternative, also named Viking. This not only shares the same name, it also smells strikingly similar. Put a blindfold on, a spray of each on each wrist and you’d be forgiven for not being able to distinguish one from the other.

Bergamot, lemon and pink pepper are the inspired by notes included in CopyCat Fragrance’s Viking. They perfectly combine


Maison Francis Kurkdijan-Baccarat Rouge 540: A Timeless Eau de Parfum | Dupe called Red Temptation - Zara

You know a fragrance is excellent when it manages to tread the fine line between masculine and feminine to be entirely appropriate for both men and women. Baccarat Rouge 540 makes this look extremely easy and it does it with such grace.

Adored by many on a global scale, this fragrance is the epitome of aromatic alchemy and luxury.

This decadent scent has an exponentially cheaper smell-a-like fragrance. High-street shop Zara has created their own Baccarat dupe, Red Temptation. We like the sound of it already, but how does it smell?

Red Temptation boasts an eclectic combination of ingredients, varying from saffron and coriander to bitter orange and praline. Moss, woody amber and musk give the scent its more rugged side which endures and will no doubt drive all those smelling it absolutely wild.


Tom Ford-Black Orchid: The Perfect Signature Scent for Women | Dupe called Spicy Orchid - Dossier

Black Orchid was released in 2006 and has been a firm favourite for countless women ever since. A scintillating floral treat to the nose, it’s absolutely stunning and a pleasure to smell throughout the day.

Whilst Black Orchid could potentially be out of many peoples’ price range, there are fantastic alternatives. Dossier sells a dupe that is strikingly similar as far as smell-alike perfumes go, Spicy Orchid.

Inhale the aroma of Spicy Orchid and close your eyes. You can imagine walking through a garden, lined with dark petaled orchids that intoxicate you with their heady scent. This is a garden of temptation, it smells seductively sweet with top notes of mandarin and pink pepper. It beckons you down its forbidden paths as it wafts into your nose.

As you journey through this fragrance, you may realise that it is reminiscent of a warm, exotic night. You savour the balmy air that cocoons you as the heart notes of plum and ylang-ylang greet your nose. You can feel the grass under your bare feet and flowers of seduction all around as the base notes of vanilla, patchouli and incense complete this hedonistic perfume.

This could potentially be a fantastic signature scent for any ladies in your life. So many women love high-quality, yet cheap perfumes. After all, when they smell this good, who’s to know how cheap they are?


Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver: The Aftershave Inspired by Nature | Dupe called Grey - CopyCat Fragrances

Grey Vetiver is known for its outdoorsy vibes that evocate a summer’s day camping out in the woods, at one with nature. The pine and amber from the trees drift over on the breeze, the orange blossom is in full bloom and the cedar all around you smells so good, that you can’t help but breathe in and fill your lungs over and over.

If you’re on the hunt for a dupe aftershave of this tough, yet gentle compilation of nature-inspired ingredients, there is a great option. CopyCat Fragrances provide the perfect dupe of Grey Vetiver, called Grey.

Grey goes al fresco with sage, nutmeg, obligatory vetiver and a spicy pimento kicker. These complement one another along with the aforementioned woods, orange blossom and amber.

Grey gives a superbly similar smell, yet much better value than Grey Vetiver. Meaning you still get that top-quality scent but hold on to more money for the things you love. Whether that’s new camping gear or maybe even a larger collection of dupe fragrances that are inspired by the high street brands.


Jo Malone-Orange Blossom: A Perfect Perfume for Ladies Who Love Citrus | Dupe called Orange Blossom Petitgrain Bergamot - Bon Parfumeur

No best of scents list would be complete without including one of the fantastic Jo Malone fragrances. The original perfume is inspired by summer days as the glimmer of sunlight peeks through the leaves of an orange blossom tree. The branches sway in the slight, temperate breeze and the sun’s rays hit the surface of the serene water beneath, creating sparkles that dance across.

With such a feminine, summery fragrance, it’s no wonder that ladies everywhere love it. And that men also enjoy the smell of it spritzed on a woman’s neckline during intimacy. Or that guys appreciate the sweet mix of it intertwining with their girl’s suncream on a hot summer’s day at the beach.

As always, the more often that you can save on how much you pay for a fragrance, the better. So, a dupe alternative of this firm ladies’ favourite would obviously be preferable. An exceptional dupe of this Jo Malone scent is Orange Blossom Petitgrain Bergamot by Bon Parfumeur. Any lady would be proud to have this dupe on her dressing table.

Introductory sweet notes of bergamot, citron, mandarin orange and rosemary get this off to a luscious start.

Heart notes compiled of neroli, petitgrain, jasmine and lavender fragrance oils provide the scent’s aromatic middle. And ultimately the base note of obligatory orange blossom complement musk, which gives the scent a more grown-up smell as it matures.


Whilst some may like to fork out the full cost for designer perfumes, this is a great perfume dupe option for women who want something floral, light and much better value.


Giorgio Armani-Acqua di Gio: Smells Good on Holiday | Dupe called Aroma di Jean - Milton Lloyd

Acqua di Gio is known as a favourite fragrance choice for many guys who are going on holiday.

The marketing imagery and design depict bottles of Acqua di Gio resting on the surface of pristine white sand, submerged in glimmering, shallow seawater. The sun shines through and illuminates the ripples like a welcoming mosaic that beckons you to put your toes in.

It’s one of those scents that upon smelling, you can imagine being away and enjoying the excitement of holidaying in another country. You’re surrounded by friends, and you’ve dressed up with your best crisp, linen shirt and cargo shorts. The evening air is warm, you’re hitting the town and the night is young.

The right aftershave could be the perfect complement to your summer outfit, even better if you choose one of the cheaper options so that you get extra spending for your overseas adventure. Cheap aftershaves can often be just as good as their more expensive counterparts, especially if they’re a dupe and use similar ingredients to the designer originals.

Whilst Acqua di Gio is not cheap, Aroma di Jean from Milton Lloyd is.

With citrus and aromatic top notes, heart notes of marine and water flowers, this is a rather fresh and vibrant scent to start with. That touch of marine allows you to imagine yourself lying on the beach, with a cold beer as you enjoy the sun’s warmth.

The musk and woody base notes mean that this will grow into a huskier scent experience that sticks around long into the tropical evening.

Sun, sea and superb smell.


Tuscan Leather - Tom Ford: Smells Just Like the Original Fragrance | Dupe called Leather - CopyCat Fragrances

Dupes often include many of the same notes that are used by designer brands. So, the dupe aftershaves can often smell just as good and extremely similar to the fragrance they’re inspired by. Leather is a great example, smelling almost identical to the real thing.

When a scent is named ‘leather’, it was always going to be a no-brainer that leather gets to take the center stage as the accord in the spotlight. This isn’t all this unisex fragrance has going for itself though. Olibanum, saffron and jasmine help to make this a totally insatiable experience to smell.

This is a tough, yet refined fragrance. It’s the gentleman in a leather jacket, mysterious, capable, whilst also sophisticated and discreetly temperate.

It’s also the enigmatic biker girl with form-fitting leathers. As she enters the room, she removes her helmet to reveal, long flowing hair and kohl-lined eyes. She doesn’t say a word and keeps to herself, cool, cryptic. The intrigue is intense for all who witness.

If you’re in the market for a rather badass dupe, this could be your perfect scent.


Tobacco Vanille - Tom Ford: Perfect Scent for a Night Out | Dupe called TV - CopyCat Fragrances

Another show-stopper from Tom Ford, Tobacco Vanille is a stroke of alchemic genius. Chocolate lovers everywhere appreciate the indulgent cocoa notes of this favourite designer fragrance. Despite the delicious smell, the cost might leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

CopyCat Fragrances provide a smell-a-like, better-value alternative called TV. This is a dupe that gives you that euphoric chocolate hit of cocoa, along with vanilla, woodsy and spicy Tonka bean notes added into the mix. This all gives a sophisticated, irresistible blend.

This fragrance dupe is a bit of a dark horse. Sweet, yet sultry.

Yet another fragrance that could be proudly spritzed and worn by men or women thanks to its up-market quality and universally desired scent.

This will smell great dabbed on your wrists and favourite shirt’s collar as you venture out for a night on the town. Watch out, you might smell that good, people won’t be able to keep their hands off you!


Thierry Mugler - A* Men: Long Lasting Aftershave Dupe | Dupe called Spirit of Heaven- Milton-Lloyd

Thierry Mugler is a fragrance brand known for its collection of distinctive, intense yet insatiable scents that each smells like no other. Just think of Mugler Alien, if you’ve ever smelt it you will know that it’s out of this world! One of these very individual products is A* Men, embodying the aroma of a future-era gentleman.

He lives many years from now, millennia may have passed but his chivalry, persuasion and manners remain of the highest class as the present-day gent.

Spirit of Heaven is the grandiose scent that provides you with an innovative edge to your smell and overall physical presentation to the world. The noses of those around you will be treated to an irresistible, visionary mix of notes that combine to give a deep journey of indulgence.

It boasts comforting notes of pine and spiced caramel, layered with base oils of vanilla and musk. When spritzed on your skin, it smells like Christmas 4022 has come early and is on the rather sensual side.

As far as a dupe fragrance purchase goes, this is a superbly cheap alternative to the high street original. It’s a long-lasting Eau de Toilette and you don’t need much for an application so a bottle lasts for ages.

If there were a fragrance on this list that will gain you compliments for the daring, individual personality of your smell, it’s Spirit of Heaven.


Dior - Sauvage: Cheap Gift Fragrance Idea | Dupe called Ferocious - Lacura

Sauvage is another firm favourite with men from all parts of the world. A versatile scent, it suits any season or occasion and smells fantastic with every spritz. Such a premium smell will no doubt come with a premium price. If only there were a dupe alternative…well, there is!

Aldi is perhaps the king of imitation brands. You can take a stroll through their aisles and find countless products that are easy to identify as an imitation of other larger budget products. They often taste/look/work just as well also despite the price tag is a fraction of the original’s cost.

Their fragrances are no exception, and their Sauvage smell-a-like, Ferocious, provides you with that classical, flexible aftershave product that means you smell nice, but save big. Just a couple of spritzes and this long-lasting, versatile dupe stays with you well into an autumn night out or a summer garden BBQ. Copycat who we’ve mentioned a few times also makes a good Dior Sauvage Dupe.

With all these amazing savings on fragrances that still smell premium quality despite their budget cost, you can really splash out on the fun things in life. Or perhaps you want to expand your fragrance collection with more aftershave and perfume dupes!

If you need some inspiration for what fragrances to try next, read about The Best Men’s Scents for Summer in 2022.