ChriThere is no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for most. With everything going on, there does seem to be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel – Christmas lights! With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re surely thinking about all the special people in your life and what you’re going to give them. This can be fairly tricky in this day and age, as what do you get for an older teen/young adult?

Well, in this post, we will be giving you some gift ideas for things to consider in 2020. Additionally, we are also outlining some of our favourite Christmas gifts. Hopefully, you can find something on this list that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Types of gifts to Consider in 2020

Getting a Christmas gift for a teenager may seem really difficult in 2020. Nowadays, it seems like this age range has everything and that they’re super hard to impress. However, it’s just about thinking of something a little outside the box. Here are some items to consider.

Gifts that spur creativity

During quarantine, there has definitely been a surge of creativity. This is due to people having the time to try things they’ve always wanted to but feel like they’ve never got round to doing it. These types of gifts are a great way to get your young adult to hopefully ignore their smartphone and actually engage in a creative activity on their own or together.

Gifts such as painting by numbers or a beginner’s crochet kit are a really lovely and thoughtful option. These are activity-based and mean they can do them loved ones or they can complete it as a form of leisure activity. A boost in creativity will also help them get back in touch with their imagination. This will likely help them overall in their transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Indoor exercise equipment or gear

Due to the pandemic, your loved one knows that hitting the gym is the not safest activity to do right now. However, most people their age don’t want to become inactive. Products related to indoor workouts are a great gift idea. It’s ideal for someone who loves being active but does not want to be outdoors to do it. Alternatively, it could be for those who prefer to keep their workout routine personal.

Examples of items in this category include a yoga mat or weights. These can be a thoughtful gift to an older teen who wants to stay fit while at home. Therefore, indoor workout equipment seems like a great idea to consider given the current health crisis.

Gadgets and tech

When it comes to modern technology nowadays, most young people quick to adapt thanks to the resources they can find online. For this category, there is a huge selection of potential gifts that you could give to your loved one that they are sure to be happy with.

As the popularity of online learning grows, there is even more technology which is needed for a student to get the most out of their education. For example, gifting a pair of high-quality headphones could be beneficial during online classes thanks to the improved audio.

Alternatively, a condenser microphone might be another helpful gift for any student. By recording the lectures and interactions during online classes, they can transcribe notes, later on. It takes the pressure off the student and allows them to focus on class participation. These types of gadgets are really useful in augmenting a young person’s education.

Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

Now that we have discussed several types of Christmas gifts that you could buy for a young individual, it’s time to look at some of our favourite gifts! We’re sure that you want to consider some amazing teenage gift ideas for your loved ones, so here are our top picks of ideal presents for a teenager this Christmas.


Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

This beginners sewing machine is a great gift idea for any creative young person who wants to either take up a new hobby or be reacquainted with a childhood pastime. It also comes with a variety of accessories to get you started, making it a really thoughtful pick.


Colorwork DIY Paint by Numbers

A paint by numbers is a subtle nudge for your teenager to get in touch with their creative side even with minimal skill. Most adolescents probably haven’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school, so this gift is a clever way reintroduce an artistic activity. It is likewise a relaxing way to destress from the pressures of being a young adult, which is why we think it’s a great Christmas gift.

Fitfort Resistance Bands Set

This reasonably priced set of resistance bands is a wonderful gift for a teenager who wants to jumpstart their exercise routine and needs to have some variety. These high-quality bands are super simple to set up and use, which makes them convenient.

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike

An exercise bike is a slightly more extravagant Christmas gift for your loved one, but also one that is sure to be appreciated by any fitness enthusiast. This is a great piece of indoor equipment to give your teen to keep them physically fit and healthy.

Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder

This high-quality Sony Recorder is a great gift for any student. This will definitely help with their studies, with the ability to record classes or presentations that will further their studies. They can either transcribe it later or listen to the playback to recall what they might have missed.

Lenovo Flex 5 14-inch 2-in-1 laptop

A touchscreen laptop that can flip 360 degrees into a notebook is an outstanding Christmas present for any teenager. This could definitely help with school and further learning, or just be a great platform for entertainment and more. This is certainly a great pick if you want to treat the loved one in your life.