Men’s Gear has an exciting company to tell you about. What if you could get a ton of cool stuff delivered to your home every single month? With Bespoke Post, this is a reality. The coolest part is that the cost of the service is dwarfed by the contents inside the box.

As weird as it might be to believe, Bespoke Post stacks the boxes with products that are valued at $70 and up. Yet the cost of the service is only $45. Imagine that, you’re actually able to get a box that costs less than the products inside it if bought elsewhere.

Some may assume that this is just blowing smoke. You might even assume the contents of the box are clearly not that good for such a value and that the $70 cost is just a random number. However, that is not even close to true.

The boxes are made for men who love life and want to get the best possible fun a subscription box service can provide.

That means Bespoke Post could never attempt to offer a lesser product once you open the box. In fact, the company is quite open about how they are able to accomplish this. It comes down to a supply meeting the demand type of thing.

That said, what can you actually get with Bespoke Post every month? Plus, how does all of this work?

How Bespoke Post Actually Works

Bespoke Post Feature

A common issue that subscription boxes tend to have is that they do not think about the person. They have a simple box that they throw together every month that is the same for every person.

Since Bespoke Post is made for men, they knew that they could not be another cookie cutter subscription box service.

Smart men will see right through something like this. Before you even get the box, they ask you a series of questions to get to know you. This allows the company to make a box that fits the person.

While this can be similar to another guy who gets the service, it won’t be the case for everyone.

Some men like things other men do not, which means you need something that best fits your personality. The coolest part is that you know what comes with your box. Of course, there might be some things they add in that you may not know about.

However, the moment you sign up, you’ll know what box you will be getting.

Best of all, you can always swap things out and go with another box in the service. The boxes are then delivered mid-month, every month.

Let’s pretend there is an issue with a product in your box or perhaps you’re not happy with something. Bespoke Post offers free returns as well as free exchanges!

Perhaps you want to cancel the service or hold off on another box for a while. You can do this with ease as there is no yearly commitment. You can cancel or skip any time, and Bespoke Post will not penalize you or charge you a dime for this at any point.

What’s In The Box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?

Bespoke Post Sample Box

A lot of people wonder what Bespoke Post has in their boxes made for men. However, they are quite open about things and let you know upfront. They have something from these categories:

This is what their quiz helps them determine too. For example, you may not really care for grooming supplies. This allows them to form a box that may contain things from the other areas to make up for the removal of this. Truly, it’s all in how the box is formed by you, the user of the service.

Over 100,000 men have bought in and have seemingly loved their boxes from month to month.

Commonly the boxes will have things like a skillet with pancake mix included, knives, axes, travel bags, pens, matches, beard balm, shoes/boots, unique alcoholic drinks, and much more.

The Bespoke Post boxes are themed and perfect for guys who just love exploring new things. The products in these boxes are often unique with many of them coming from newer companies you may not know much about.

That means you’re discovering new and exciting companies every month with this service as well. How cool is that?!?

Join Free Today!

Bespoke Post Barebones Knife

Bespoke Post offers something special to all new subscribers to their box service. You can join and take your quiz today for absolutely free!

Each month, you’ll get an email that allows you to know what is in the box. This is done for a few reasons, the first is to allow you to change things as mentioned above.

The second is that they may include things like clothing that will need your sizes and even the color you might want.

This can sometimes differ for men off and on, which is why they do it. As men, we know body changes happen. However, you may want to give a shirt or something to a friend. This allows you to change up sizes to fit that friend too.

This is a box service made for guys that give a damn about life and luxury at the same time. Yet despite the luxury it offers, it does not come at that type of price. Again, you’re only spending $45 a month for this amazing box service.

$45 for a service like this is an absolute steal!

Don’t take our word for it though. Check it out for yourself right now. Click on the button below and go straight there. Tell them Men’s Gear sent you!

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