Infused liquors taste better and they are the base of many great cocktails. While you can choose from a variety of flavored spirits to buy, for those who want to administer what goes inside and control flavor intensity, there’s the Bespoke Booze Infuser ($45,00).

Thanks to this custom infusing rig you can transform plain booze into delicious booze. Dark chocolate Bourbon? Sure. Hot chilli vodka? Bring it! Mint&blackberry gin? Mmm delicioso! Simply pour the spirit of your choice into the 18oz decanter and load the infusing rod with whatever wild ingredient you can think of: sliced fruit, fresh herbs, whole chiles, hops, aromatics… the sky’s the limit. To get your creativity going, they’ve also included a booklet of infusion recipes from Death & Co — the best cocktail spot in New York. Oh, and if you’re not in the mood for drinking, the Infuser can be used to make top quality olive oil, sparkling water, or homemade salad dressing. Now remember: The world is your infused oyster! via

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