As a whole, the automotive industry has committed to complete electrification by 2030. With a little over six years left, some companies have stuck to their roadmap religiously, while others intersperse some green platforms in between their more traditional models. Among the world’s leading luxury marques, Bentley recently announced the retirement of its legendary internal combustion mills. For a fitting sendoff, it’s releasing the Edition 8 series.

The British carmaker confirms the vehicles flagged under this designation are exclusive to North American markets. Similar to the Batur Convertible, which is limited to 16 only, every example under the Edition 8 banner includes customization options handled by Bentley’s in-house team. Coachbuilt by Mulliner, means owners can consider their rides as one-offs.

As indicated by the press release, the models due for this special configuration are the Continental GT, Continental GTC, and Flying Spur. Although clients are free to personalize their machines as they see fit, Bentley will render all the exterior trims in Blackline save for the emblem and a few other brightware.

Under the hood of these bad boys is the outgoing 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. It means drivers have 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque at their disposal. Moving forward, all future iterations of these vehicles will be outfitted with Bentley’s state-of-the-art Ultra Performance Hybrid. All Edition 8 units flaunt 22″ wheels in five-spoke or 10-spoke styles.

Each rim is adorned with a self-leveling cap. Bentley likewise endows the lineup with a fuel filler cover crafted to appear like a precious gemstone. Inside, all seats are wrapped in plush upholstery with Plam Fluting patterns courtesy of Mulliner. Edition 8 badging appears on doorsills, seatbacks, and other sections. This leaves the Bentayga SUV without a hybrid version for now.

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Images courtesy of Bentley