Collectors who want to own a piece of automotive history often must rely on luck to score one at an auction. A few could even stumble upon a barn find or perhaps an ad that offers a classic for sale. However, depending on the condition of these machines, it might need a lot of work to get it back to running condition or even for display purposes only. Meanwhile, Bentley hopes to shake things up with a continuation release of the Birkin Blower.

Given the rarity of the iconic racing car, it would be a shame to drive the actual vehicle around. Experts are doing everything they can to preserve these examples for future generations to learn about and appreciate. As such, Bentley Mulliner is commemorating the renowned automobile with an exclusive production run.

To accomplish this, Bentley will be carefully disassembling their own Birkin Blower with chassis number HB 3403. This intricate process will see each part go through a 3D scanning system which will then create a digital blueprint of the component. There are a total of 1846 parts that the British luxury automaker will be meticulously crafting by hand.

Then, its engineers are building everything from the ground up. The result is an exact copy with a few modern enhancements to meet safety regulations. Every continuation Birkin Blower will embody the essence of the vintage ride. Within its frame is a replica of the original four-cylinder engine and Amherst Villers MK IV supercharger. Bentley is rating the output at 240 bhp and will be limiting its availability to 12 units only.

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Images courtesy of Bentley