Summer is almost here and many have already planned out their outings as early as now. As we all know, each individual has their idea form ofl recreation. For example, some folks prefer to spend their free time watching movies. Large-format screens do not come cheap, but versatile options like BenQ’s GV31 are designed to deliver immersive entertainment on a budget.

A few years ago, portable smart projectors were considered pricey tech toys, Unless you absolutely needed one, on-the-go viewing sessions were limited to smartphones and tablets, except for motorhomes. Eventually, products like the aforementioned become mainstream and more affordable.

The Taiwanese firm may not be a household name but is well-known among gamers and other tech-savvy consumers. BenQ specializes in monitors and other display technologies such as projectors. What we like about the GV31 is the sleek design and user-friendly features. 

Not everyone knows their way around the nitty-gritty setup process to produce the best visuals. As such, BenQ streamlines the basic stuff so people can start watching almost immediately. Depending on how far it is from the wall or projector screen, this device can output a screen size up to 100 inches.

No need to fiddle around with the settings as the GV31 boasts automated adjustments for keystone and focus. We also like the rotating stand, which allows you to aim the lens exactly where it needs to be. As for acoustics, there are two 4W midrange tweeters and an 8W woofer. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi and Android TV open up a lot of options for streaming movies and everything else.

Another cool thing about this portable projector is its native support for Chromecast and AirPlay. A built-in 5,800 mAh battery holds enough charge to last up to 180 minutes of video playback. Bluetooth connectivity turns your GV31 into a dedicated portable wireless speaker. So far, the only dealbreaker we can think of is the modest brightness of 300 ANSI lumens.

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Images courtesy of BenQ