Bellroy and Carryology have teamed up for an upgrade on the former’s Tech Kit Compact. This new addition to Carryology’s Essentials program (CE), the Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit, has more room to store other small on-the-go items not just your tech gear.

Designed for small essentials, which Carryology refers to “gear that nests inside and around” pockets and packs, “each CE release is carefully chosen because it’s “best in class.” These are “reimagined” hand-picked leading pieces of gear in the brand’s essential categories that are not just fully-functional. They are also sleek and stylish and “look the part when formality matters” with their smooth and clean lines and versatile silhouette.

In this case, the Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit has been given a hardware and material upgrade including water-resistant YKK zippers and fabric to keep your gear dry and protected. The custom Auxikko pattern on the fabric is a hybrid of the ancient hexagonal Japanese Kikkō pattern, which is used in armor and auxetics. It is known to grow stronger under stress thus providing this case its incredible strength and performance. The pattern also gives the fabric great handfeel and grip.

Meanwhile, the interior lining comes in an eye-piercing fluorescent orange for high visibility in low light conditions. This third addition to Carryology’s CE program is optimized for larger accessories and has more storage pockets. These include a magnetic slip pocket for a power bank, more elastic clips to organize cables, a stretch mesh to hold a mouse, and other small pockets to hold keys, memory cards, and more. It also has a pen holder in the middle. 

The Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit is made from 100% pigment-coated recycled Baida Nylon, premium eco-tanned leather along the back spine, elastane loops, and nylon ripstop on the interior lining. 

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Images courtesy of Bellroy x Carryology