When Shuri Suzuki created Code of Bell last year, its first product, the X-PAK bag, was an instant hit. It masterfully blended the utilitarian aspects of a sling bag while not skimping on style. Now, Suzuki is back with another bag that sling fans will surely love, too. Meet the X-POD.

People don’t need backpacks or even messenger bags, Suzuki believes, because most of us don’t really carry all that much on a daily basis. With the exception of business people and students, Code of Bell thinks sling bags are all you need and you’re good to go. Which is why the X-POD, barely larger than a sash, is designed to carry all your everyday essentials without feeling too bulky and unwieldy.

Above all, the X-POD is a very versatile bag. You can wear it in any style you like. On your back for a classic sling feel. On your waist to give off fanny pak vibes. Or even across your chest. The main strap has two adjustment points which moves the position of the buckle halves. This provides utmost flexibility with respect to how you plan to wear it on your body.

Despite X-POD being designed for those who carry light, it’s still pretty roomy inside. The 2L volume expands to 4L thanks to the extra space hidden underneath. This additional space is practically invisible when not in use, which means the bag retains it lightweight look.

We fully understand that a bag can make or break an entire look. Which is why it’s often hard to pick the right one. Worse, most people choose not to carry one entirely, even if they obviously have plenty of things they need to bring, like a phone, sunglasses, a water bottle, and whatnot. What happens is that these things end up in your pockets, and that’s not a very good look.

Code of Bell’s X-POD is a clever, straightforward solution, and you should really consider it if you’re on the market for lightweight carry-ons that won’t disrupt your entire look.