Beer Cap Maps

If you’ve been looking for a method to display your prized collection of bottle caps, you’re in luck! The Beer Cap Maps ($32,00+) provide you with the coolest way to show off the caps you’ve gathered from the finest breweries across the country.

Made in Wisconsin, the maps are laser cut from 1/4 inch veneered plywood, sealed for protection and engraved with the state’s capital. Each map can be easily hung on your living room wall, office or home bar, and it features plenty of holes to fit snugly your favorite caps. In addition to offering many US states (with all the 50 states to be available by May 1), Beer Cap Maps also offers a full US map and other limited-edition maps, such as New Zealand. Who knew that drinking beer can actually help with decorating your home? via

Beer Cap Maps 1

Beer Cap Maps 5

Beer Cap Maps 4

Beer Cap Maps 3

Beer Cap Maps 2