DIY culture has been booming for the past several years, and that’s a boon for us all. Firstly, it gives creative folks autonomy on realizing their own vision. Secondly, it provides us consumers a wealth of options beyond the generic, nondescript alternatives huge corporations churn out time and time again.

But although there’s no shortage of alluring DIY flower pots and brooches on Etsy, sometimes it’s best to leave things to the professionals. DIY is great and all, sure, but for some things, you’re going to need an extra push.

In case you’re planning to DIY a tiny home but don’t quite know how to start, leave it to Escape. The company specializes in making small-scale, minimalist, and scaled-back homes. You might think you have all the necessary knowhow and willpower to jerry-rig yourself an entire home, but chances are you’re going to run into a pinch or two.

Which is why it’s probably best to let Escape take care of everything. From the design to the build to the materials to the insulation, the company will handle everything from start to finish. It’s got a quarter of a century to show for it, too, so you’re in very, very good hands.

The home Escape builds are nothing short of mesmerizing, too. The company doesn’t just build tiny homes for the sake of being tiny. It puts a lot of elements into consideration, as well, like where and how to place the storage, bathroom, amenities, and the kitchen to maximize space. Each home is built in its Wisconsin factory and the prices are fairly reasonable.


Photos courtesy of Escape