Given the option, most of the people we know would rather pick TWS earbuds from Beats by Dre instead of the AirPods. It’s already 2022 and Apple is still sticking with a single colorway and keeping the controversial stems. Thankfully, its sub-brand retains a unique and vibrant identity. If the latter is developing a new model, we’re hoping it’s something like this Tour Pro concept.

Did we mention that stems on TWS earbuds should go? Some would argue that those sections are there for a reason. It holds sensors and other components crucial to the AirPods’ functionalities. If so, how come other models can pack even better features without the stems?

Junwoo Kim approaches the matter in a clever way. Currently, Beats’ TWS lineup all do not have stems. The concept designer, on the other hand, envisions the Tour Pro with them except they’re hollow. However, these are intended to help users grip the earbuds without accidental contact with the touch-sensitive surface.

Likewise, its ergonomic contour provides a snug fit for your ears. The Tour Pro uses silicone tips just like the AirPods Pro but sports a slimmer housing. On the touch control area is a debossed Beats logo, while an engraving of the script is on the edges where the skeleton stems extend from.

He notes that active noise canceling and transparency mode are on board. It comes with a clamshell charging case with a USB-C port for charging. No word on the battery life and other technical specifications though. The Beats Pro Tour earbuds should work seamlessly with Apple’s exclusive ecosystem of devices along with third-party via Bluetooth connectivity.

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Tour Pro Side By Side Tour Pro Clamshell Charging Case

Image courtesy of Junwoo Kim