For decades now, stateside folks have been asking retailers to stock anything from the highly acclaimed Beams menswear clothing line. It’s been exclusively sold in Japan for so long. Most men have had to get the clothes shipped just to nab individual pieces.

That changes now.

From now on, there’s no need for shipping. Thanks to menswear online store juggernaut Mr Porter, the Japanese clothing line is finally making its way out of its home country.

Beams F was originally launched in 1978, focusing on high-quality fabrics and tailoring. The “F” stands for “future,” in case you didn’t know.

Despite its Japanese underpinnings, Beams borrows inspiration from American and European influences, too. No surprise, then, that its many collections over the years have always appealed to international audiences. As always, style and topnotch quality transcend cultures.

As part of the premium menswear line’s global launch, Mr Porter is curating a bunch of ready-to-wear pieces on its site. That includes everything from suede bombers to expertly crafted blazers. For the more casual folks, you can select from the smattering of blazers shirts, as well.

There aren’t a lot of choices at the ready, although we do believe Mr Porter will add more stuff going forward. Pricing is decent enough, ranging from $140 for basics all the way to $1,515 for the more posh stuff. If you’re on the market for suits of excellent quality and comfort, not to mention elegant casual wear for gentlemen, you’re in the right place.


Photos courtesy of Beams F and Mr Porter