A Somerset, United Kingdom-based shop has shown off its latest build: a Mercedes-Benz camper van that acts as your home on-the-go but doubles as a beachside retreat, too. The Supertramped Co T2 Camper Van resembles a tiny home that’s based on the boxy van that is the T2.

Often used as ambulances, the car sees new life as a compact mobile home. But it did not lose the durable construction and maneuverability that made it a staple in the European market.

Called Ernie, the Supertramped Co T2 Camper Van comes in a preppy blue and white colorway, gutted and transformed into a surfing-inspired mobile beach hut, with pretty awesome-looking interior decor, to boot. In the main living area, you’ll find a beach seat with a table that sits across the kitchen. The cabinetry is reminiscent of country living, complete with seashells and other sea-life trinkets to enhance the beach feel even further.

Off to the rear area, you’ll find the sleeping quarters that take advantage of the open-door views of the back. There’s a bed platform that has storage underneath, and vintage lights to add to the van’s quaint charm.

The openness of the Supertramped Co T2 Camper Van extends into the bathroom, with the shower stall that features a skylight. You won’t find that on most camper vans, we can guarantee you that. You’ll also find subway tile-inspired wallboards and exposed piping.

Onboard, you’ll enjoy Alexa-controlled lighting, six ceiling-mounted speakers and a sound system, Wi-Fi, a 400 W solar panels, plus exterior lights. Supertramped Co. says it took them 10 months to complete the whole build, and now it’s roaming roads. Conversions start around $24,600. Hit the link below to learn more.


Photos courtesy of Simon and Kiana Photography