The gaming market was already huge before the pandemic hit, but grew even larger during lockdowns and travel restrictions. In 2022 Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhütte made a huge splash internationally when it unveiled the BGB-100FA — an electric gaming bed. It was unlike anything available at the time and garnered a lot of attention. For its latest outing, we have something simple yet useful.

Although when it was first advertised, the company indicated a December 2023 availability. However, upon checking their website and store page, we can’t find anything about their new cabinet. Perhaps production was delayed or its release was held back due to unforeseen quality concerns.

We might never know, yet it’s likely to come out soon anyway. A theme followed by Bauhütte on all of its products is the use of black and other darker tones. Sometimes, there are hints of crimson integrated with the design to give it a much-needed pop.

As for the console cabinet, it appears to be crafted out of MDF boards and possibly requires a bit of assembly. They must have accounted for the dimensions of the latest gaming systems as well. We can see that the left-most shelf can accommodate a PlayStation 5 standing upright.

Although the measurements were not provided, the upper-right shelf might have enough space for Sony’s latest console positioned horizontally. The bottom-right is a drawer for various accessories and games, while the shelf above it can also fit multiple standard game cases.

A side hook is likewise included for owners to hang their headsets. In the press images, the cabinet is showcased along with the Bauhütte Game Console Storage Rack (BHS-380G). Of course, we can always mix and match it with other furniture in our living room or man cave.

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Images courtesy of Bauhütte