Are you one of the many people who claim to be hardcore gamers? If you are, how many hours do you usually spend on video games every day? Comfort is crucial for those who want to play longer and better. Hence most professionals invest in high-end gaming chairs and desks. Meanwhile, Bauhütte announces the BGB-100FA.

Why get a gaming chair when you can grab a gaming bed instead? The company is targeting consumers who want optimal relaxation that can quickly transition to their favorite hobby. The BGB-100FA is a motorized single bed that can transform into something else. This quirky project is a collaboration with Nishikawa.

Bauhütte and the 455-year-old Japanese mattress manufacturer are in this together. The adjustable bed frame features adjustable sections that lift at an angle or lie flat when the day is over. The top can move up to 60 degrees, while the bottom is limited to 35 degrees.

You can set these positions via a controller that slots into a clip-on holder at the side of the bed frame. Bauhütte recommends that you pair the BGB-100FA with their BHD-1200BD Bed Desk. The latter is height-adjustable and comes with accessories to store controllers, drinks, cup noodles, and more.

The BGB-100FA is certainly one of those crazy products you can find in Japan. However, if you prefer to sleep and wake up in front of your gaming rig, this is definitely for you. Bauhütte’s catalog also offers more accessories to let gamers build their dream setup. So far, the list includes an all-in-one clothes rack, a storage unit, a tray for your snacks with a cup holder, and so much more.

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Images courtesy of Bauhütte