The Batmobile is just as iconic as the Caped Crusader has seen various reworks throughout the years. The Batman introduces a more grounded take on the vehicle with a modified Dodge Charger which villains would find terrifying. Ash Thorp is once again thrown into the spotlight for his work on the Batcycle.

It’s a tall order to design a two-wheeler that needs to follow a specific theme. Actually, we think it’s only applicable to your average artist but not Ash Thorp. In fact, previous collaborations with fellow visionary designer Carlos “colorsponge” Pecino were all spectacular.

Even on solo projects like the Batcycle, it shows off his visionary capabilities. Not only is Bruce Wayne an expert martial artist and detective, but he is also a remarkable engineer. With very minimal help from others, most of the equipment, gadgets, and vehicles used by Batman are of his own making.

Thus, the idea behind this moto is more on the practical side. It looks like an aftermarket build that Gotham’s protector worked on during his free time. The blackout bike uses a trellis frame that holds a custom double twin boxer powerplant with an industrial cover.

We can also see a quad-exhaust configuration one might see in a drag-racing setup. The Batcycle features dual shocks almost parallel to the double-sided swingarms. The covered wheels likewise come with massive, vented brake rotors on each side. It’s only fitting given the powerplant’s capabilities on this thing.

“It was important to connect the core design principles between the DNA of the Batmobile and the Batcycle,” writes Ash Thorp in his Instagram post. “Large visible power plant, hand built, raw, menacing, exposed and brutal.”

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Images courtesy of Ash Thorp