We’ve already learned about Honda and Sony’s AFEELA project. but both managed to wow the crowd at CES 2024 when it was driven by a DualSense controller. We were impressed by the gimmick, but are more interested to find out what the Japanese carmaker has in store for its sustainable mobility lineup. To our surprise, an all-electric SALOON could hit showrooms as early as 2026.

It wasn’t as noticeable a few years back when the world’s top automotive companies collectively agreed to retire the production of internal combustion engines. Moreover, most are committed to full electrification by the year 2030. Hence, with every automotive expo that followed, zero-emission concepts and production models had a more prominent presence.

Honda’s most recent showcase tells us the marque currently refers to its future green roster as the “0 Series.” If you’re after a truly futuristic aesthetic, the SALOON will not disappoint. Clean lines adorn the sleek exterior shaped like something that would immediately take flight if there were a pair of wings mounted on each side.

According to the Japanese carmaker, its upcoming battery-electric platform will focus on weight savings. As such, the SALOON concept in question emphasizes low ride height and an aerodynamic silhouette to minimize drag. Coupled with select materials, buyers can look forward to remarkable mileage on a single charge.

Furthermore, Honda claims the high-density battery technology behind the “0 Series” should limit degeneration to around 10% or lower in 10 years. The SALOON’s interiors flaunt a minimalist motif and we can see a steering yoke and a large infotainment display positioned across the dashboard. Perhaps more will be revealed in the coming months.

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Images courtesy of Honda