Barsys 360 lets you discover your inner connoisseur by exploring and personalizing cocktails that are “curated with meticulous care by renowned bars, mixologists and brands.” This sleek and cylindrical cutting-edge technology elevates your home bar with its smart and intuitive features.

This device has six stations and crafts cocktails with up to six ingredients such as mixers, spirits, and fresh juice and holds a volume of 900ml in each ingredient canister. All you do is pour in the needed ingredients for your cocktail, connect the device via Bluetooth to its accompanying mobile app. The app allows users to control all basic functionalities and offers an exclusive recipe collection from the world’s best bars, renowned mixologists, and top spirits brands.

Then you input the spirits or mixers into the app, choose from the list of curated drinks or customize your own and wait for the Barsys 360 to prepare your cocktails. This is your personal mixologist that uses AI to learn your preferences, fine-tunes each cocktail to perfection to cater to your distinct taste.

The Barsys 360 design skillfully blends mathematics, nature-inspired techniques, and ancient design principles to create a true masterpiece. The Barsys App, through advanced algorithms and user preferences, offers personalized recommendations tailored to your taste. 

The app seamlessly integrates with the device allowing you to control and customize your cocktail-making experience: from adjusting measurements to choosing the ingredients, you have complete control over every aspect of your drink.   

The Barsys 360 is powered by a USB power adapter and connects via Bluetooth 5.0. It is portable enough at ten pounds (without liquid) and measures 17.36″ L x 16.93″ H. 

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Images courtesy of Barsys 360