Many consider coffee an essential part of their day. A jolt of caffeine shortly after you wake up and many more throughout the aids with alertness and productivity. However, some of us drink the beverage because we enjoy the taste. Professionals will tell you just how crucial a grinder is in the entire brewing process. Therefore, premium models like the AF007 could completely elevate your tasting experience.

You don’t need to enroll in a workshop or apply as a barista to understand the nuances of coffee. There are plenty of free online resources to help us nail down what went wrong and provide solutions. Given the number of ways to prepare a cup of java, take note each requires a specific grind size. This is where the tool in question comes into play.

Self-professed snobs often choose to hand-grind their beans, while the rest prefer the convenience of motorized options. The process is similar, but what truly matters is the performance and precision of its conical burr system. The AF007 is not marketed for commercial use but is engineered for single or double servings at home.

Minimalism is the defining ethos applied by designers Frederico Gonzales Bosque and Nicola Zanetti. The AF007 flaunts a matte metal housing available in silver and black colorways. Coffee beans are poured into the hopper on top, while minute adjustments are made with a twist of the wrist. 

Touch controls are located on the side with capacitive buttons for plus, minus, and power, while a digital display indicates the settings. The AF007 leans at an angle to efficiently disperse the coffee ground into whatever is attached to the receptacle below. It appears a powder cup is supplied with the package, but it can also hold standard portafilters.

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Images courtesy of Nicola Zanetti/Frederico Gonzales Bosque/Amalfi