As a reminder of how seriously people are considering the environmental impact of carbon emissions, we have the Rena Max. This electric scooter comes from Abu Dhabi mobility group Barq, in collaboration with CALLUM Designs. This electric two-wheeler is engineered for businesses that offer delivery services. Specifically, those that operate in the Middle East and North Africa.

With fuel prices showing no signs of dropping anytime soon, it’s great to have an alternative form of transport. In scenarios wherein commuting is out of the question, emission-free versions of cars, motorcycles, and others are good to have around. Aside from their e-scooter, Barq also has the Yas1 drone and Rena Lite electric bicycle.

The company describes the Rena Max as a “last mile delivery vehicle.” Although you can use it as a regular two-wheeler for your daily commute, its features are more beneficial for those in the restaurant industry. The manufacturer equips the rear with a removable storage box that locks in place via a proprietary receptacle.

Its interior lining is food-safe material with additional insulation in between and an integrated thermometer. Users can monitor and control the temperature directly on the touchscreen display just above the instrument panel. Meanwhile, the Rena Max’s seat and handlebar placement facilitate a relaxed riding position.

To the front is a single LED headlight behind a transparent windscreen to help with aerodynamics. The perforated handlebar grips appear to pack cooling technology as well. The removable 5.6 kWh battery slides into a dedicated slot below the seat. It powers a 9 kW electric motor that can get you up to 60 mph with a range of a little over 93 miles. Finally, the Rena Max is ideal for use in regions with hot and arid climates.

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Rena Max Rear Rena Max Panel Rena Max Style Shot

Images courtesy of Barq Mobility