The ‘Ultimate Tool’ by Barebones Living is as much a survival knife as it is a gardening and camping multi-tool. With a design borrowed from tactical military blades, the no-fuss knife is 14.5″ long with a full tang, heat-treated stainless steel blade. The flat pommel base can be used for driving tent stakes or other light hammering duties and has a tightening screw if it loosens with use.

Along the back of the blade is a serrated edge for cutting and sawing roots and small branches. The front edge has a straight edge that comes medium-sharp so you can customize how sharp you want to make it. Behind the straight cutting edge is an indented bottle opener/twine and vine cutter and one side of the blade is slightly concave for troweling soil and scooping weeds and is etched with 1″ marks for accurate seed depth planting.

The Ultimate Tool has a treated bamboo handle ergonomically shaped for superior gripping. There is also a durable fabric sheath with reinforced lining and a steel belt hook for convenient carrying. If you need to go to war with the weeds in your garden, this is the knife for you!

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