Summer is also a great time to enjoy the great outdoors or even just your backyard. Surprisingly, it’s also grilling season and guys just love a cookout with family and friends. Nothing beats great food, cold drinks, and good company. When you prefer your cooking equipment with a rustic feel to them, the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill from Barebones Living is our pick.

Although multi-fuel or gas grills have their conveniences, we guys love a challenge. True to its namesake, the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill requires a bit of work to get started. Nevertheless, once you have a nice flame going, it should be smooth sailing from then on.

Despite the traditional looks and process, Barebones Living is not using cast iron for the build. Instead, they’re using steel which is lighter and is more resistant to weathering and corrosion. The company ships it out in three parts. There’s the grill, pole, and grate. Everything weights about 30 lbs.

The dimensions for your reference are 29” long (handle to handle), 25” wide/ 35” with grill grate, and 14.25” high/ 33” with the pole.  Take note that this is not stainless steel, so the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill will need some minor maintenance. Just wash it with warm soapy water, wipe it dry, and then occasionally oil it to prevent rusting.

As the name tells us, it can function as a regular fire pit that you can bring along on trips. We like that the grate is height adjustable so you can cook different food according to their specified temperatures. Take it with you camping or just use the Cowboy Fire Pit Grill for backyard parties.

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Images courtesy of Barebones Living