Cast iron cooking imbues any food with a distinctive old-world flavor.  It is durable and reliable whether over an open fire or a modern range.  Barebones Living out of Salt Lake City, Utah understands the traditions of cast iron and have assembled a Kit of pieces that will give you a strong traditional cooking experience.  Each kit comes with a cast iron skillet, crock pot, matching interchangeable lid, and a wooden serving trivet, as well as a stainless steel cleaning mesh and tube of organic, locally sourced seasoning oil.

The Barebones Cast Iron Kit ($120) comes in three sizes to fit your cooking needs.  There is the small 8″ diameter set, a mid-range 10” set, and the hearty 12″ set of skillet and crock.  The wooden trivet is a heavy block of wood that resists heat while giving a rustic look to your cooking area. Although a bit heavy (the 10″ set weighs 3 lbs), the taste of cast iron cooking makes it worth the effort to have it with you even outdoors.