When it comes to skateboard, enthusiasts might be at odds as to the best choice of material for the deck. Traditionally, wooden ones are what many define as the original, but over the years, changes followed. Now, we ones that use fiberglass, composites, Plexiglass, nylon, and aluminum among others. The latter was one of the choices available from Banzai Skate Co. in the mid-1970s. We believe that it’s understandable given the lightweight yet durable nature of the metal. Now the company is reissuing a classic and they’re aptly calling it the Banzai Series #01.

While fans of the original will no doubt be the first in line to grab one, those who want a glorious remake for their collection would likewise be lining up. The company believes that “boards should withstand the elements of California’s coastal region, but also set new standards in the way skateboards look and perform.”

It seems that the new ones will still embody everything Banzai Skate Co. stands for and we love what we see. There are two variants available: The Medium 23.5” and Large 28.5” boards. The former is a tribute to the slalom vibe of the 70s but with modern enhancements to improve performance. Overall, it demands attention and control from its owner.

The bigger model reflects a design that is akin to more contemporary board out there. Nevertheless, it is crafted from the same premium materials as its smaller sibling. It does not matter which one you go for because both are equally stunning piece. Banzai Skate Co. is offering the Series #01 in five colourways: Amber (yellow), Jade (green), Sienna (red), Ghost (silver), and Azure (blue). Each one comes with a high-end collector’s box with assembly required.

Grab your now: here

Images courtesy of Banzai Skate Co.