The Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone Case lets you pack light but do more. It does not just hold your phone but also stores other small on-the-go essentials.

This elegant case comes from all-natural products: no plastic, no silicone. It is a mixture of 100 pure black wool felt from Germany and full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Handcrafted in a family studio in Berlin, Germany, it provides your phone protection from scratches and frees your hands from rough and sharp edges common in metal phone cases. This leather case also provides a tight grip on your phone for optimum non-slip support.

The Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone Case not only serves as a phone protection/holder but also as a card wallet. Seamlessly sewn on the front is a pocket to keep credit cards, I.D. cards, cash, key, and other small items. An elastic rubber band keeps these items secure so you don’t lose them while on the go while still giving you quick-access freedom anytime you need to pull out a card or cash.

The beauty of this phone case is it caters to most smartphone devices readily available in the market. These include the iPhone SE (5S), the latest iPhone 11 Pro series and the iPhone Plus series, and Android models (Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, and Huawei). You can even personally request to have a case made specifically for the phone you have on hand. The makers can customize one for you to ensure a perfect fit. The Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone Case comes in three colors, each looking sleek and elegant for any fashion wear.

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Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone Case

Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone


Band and Roll Kangaroo Phone Case

Images courtesy of Band and Roll