French tiny house builder Baluchon designed the Mirasol with plenty of space to entertain guests. It has a clever feature that allows it to extend its interior space to make it even more spacious than it already is.

As with other tiny houses from Baluchon, this 19.6-foot (6-meter) long home is also custom build. But it was specifically tailored to meet its owner’s needs. As such, it comes with its distinctive features. This includes a drop-down chestnut bar attached to the exterior of the home, built at the height of a large panoramic sliding glass window by the kitchen.

The bar strategic location makes it feasible to serve and entertain guests at the same time. The owner, Alexandra, has also installed a deck along the entire length of the house and added stools to turn this bar into a cozy space to hang out with friends. Another practical feature to the Mirasol is the removable outdoor pantry, which serves as food storage in winter. This way, it helps free up the refrigerator and save on electric bills. 

Inside this tiny home founded on a double-axle trailer and clad in red cedar with aluminum accents, is a lovely Scandinavian-style interior. It is surprisingly spacious and airy thanks to the extensive glazing throughout, while wood finishings make it feel warm and inviting. 

The Mirasol has a well-equipped kitchen with an oak work surface that expands nearly three meters long to form a table at the end The table is near to the lounge and the entrance door so it can also double as a breakfast or snack bar for the guests. This home also has an electric inertia heater, an L-shaped sofa that converts into a double bed, and a bathroom equipped with an 80x80cm full-size shower and a dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket. A removable ladder leads to the loft bedroom that can sleep two.  

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Images courtesy of Baluchon