Tiny house build French company Baluchon managed to fit an entire family home on one level measuring 22 feet long called the Eucalyptus. Despite its small size, it offers the modern comforts of home including a fully-functional kitchen, dining and sleeping spaces, and more.

Baluchon opted not to have a mezzanine on this house to save weight and make it longer, as opposed to its other home designs. A large glass sliding door opens up the interior space to natural lighting to make it look bigger. The door opens up directly to a kitchen equipped with a sink, a propane-powered two-burner stove, an oven, a small fridge and custom cabinetry. An oak table near the stove serves as dining or recreational table as it can be moved.

On the opposite end just a few steps away from the kitchen/dining is the living room/bedroom equipped with a two-seater sofa bed, an electric radiator, and several shelving. Three windows flank the walls, two on both sides and one overhead the bed for ventilation and light. Meanwhile, the opposite end of the Eucalyptus near the kitchen is the bathroom which is accessible via a sliding wooden door. It has a 80x80cm shower, dry toilet with stainless steel buckets and storage compartments.

On the outside, the Eucalyptus is clad in red cedar with UV coating and has a spruce frame. Insulation for the floor, walls, and the ceiling is made from linen, hemp, and recycled cotton.  This tiny home also has heating via a 1000W inertia electric heating. It was built for an owner in Normandy, Northern France. 

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Images courtesy of Baluchon