Staying home in isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak is teaching us to appreciate a lot of things. Having some form of entertainment truly helps in fighting boredom. Moreover, an adequate supply of food also keeps our tummies happy. Staying in the kitchen most of the time is reminding us of the various ways of preparing meals. As such, we can recall the TO-ST1-T bread oven from Mitsubishi and its promise of a perfect toast. Meanwhile, Balmuda hopes to rival its performance with a fancy toaster of its own.

The Japanese are known for their meticulous attention to small details that enhance the experience. Therefore, just like its fellow brand from the Land of the Rising Sun, its toaster is ready to deliver outstanding quality. Being able to accommodate more than just one slice already puts it ahead of the $270 TO-ST1-T from its rival. Nevertheless, retailing at around $329, it will be a pricey culinary investment.

What makes the Balmuda toaster oven stand out is how it keeps the bread crispy on the outside and still soft inside. It apparently does this with a patented technology that incorporates steam into the mix. While most models just rely on a heating element to get the job done, its innovative approach makes it one of the must-have appliances in Japan.

Instead of a digital control system, Balmuda equips its toaster oven with dial knobs for a vintage touch. The matte black exterior gives it’s a minimalistic design with some golden elements to add visual contrast. It is likewise available in a white colorway to match your style. Furthermore, this premium kitchen equipment can handle a wide range of items aside from toast.

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Images courtesy of Balmuda