If you’re a coffee drinker, then there’s a good chance that there’s either a drip coffee machine, an espresso maker, or a pod machine on your kitchen counter. If you’re especially in a hurry, then a pod does a good job of perking you up early in the morning. But if you want a good kick of caffeine in your veins but have no time to make yourself an espresso, then make room for BALMUDA’s The Brew.

This sleek, smart machine does everything but grind your coffee beans. It extracts flavorful, rich, and aromatic drip coffee from small, medium, and large sizes with a press of a button. The Japanese company ensures you will have no trouble getting that perfect drip by having just a few buttons on top of the machine: Iced, Strong, and Regular. These options are fairly self-explanatory so it’s impossible to brew the wrong way.

BALMUDA’s The Brew, essentially, demystifies the pour-over coffee process which normally requires a scale, a kettle with precisely heated water, a funnel, and the perfect pouring method. It’s a semiautomated coffee machine that only requires you to fill the water reservoir appropriately, measure grounds using the provided scoop into a paper filter, and lock the dripper in place. Then you press the button. The Iced gives a more concentrated brew since it uses less water so you can still put ice cubes in the carafe.

This machine is equipped with temperature-controlled technology to brew at an optimal 187 degrees and has a double water spout for that smooth finish. Unfortunately, BALMUDA’s The Brew is a single-serve coffee maker that’ll probably serve two people small-sized coffees. 

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Images courtesy of BALMUDA