Women seem to have endless accessories for date nights and whatnot while us guys are left to a few select pieces, which makes it even more important that we find a standout and classy watch. The crew over at Ballardier have you covered with a range of quality watches ready for that important date.

Maybe it’s named the champion because it makes you look like a real champ when wearing it. Or maybe it is because you will win your date over with this touch of added style. Either way, Ballardier have come up trumps with this new design.

The watch itself is an exceptional item. They claim it is a symbol of overcoming life obstacles to remind you of your personal story and becoming a champion of your own narrative. The watch is simple with a snow-white dial complemented by a strap manufactured from real caramel leather. It matches nearly any outfit and is a timeless option for any aged gent.

It’s not just a-looker either, it has mineral crystal hardened glass and is water resistant at 50 metres. Get the date, get the watch, get the girlfriend, be a champion.

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