Building a megayacht is a massive undertaking for any shipyard. The design, manpower, and facilities needed to accomplish the task can take anywhere between three to four years on average. Moreover, clients who wish to curate every aspect of their vessel should expect an even longer construction period. Baikal Yachts Group, on the other hand, plans to attempt two versions of the 86.

What’s even more impressive is that both are commissioned by only one unnamed owner. In our opinion, why flex your wealth with just a single watercraft when you can have even more, right? According to the press details, experts from various countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, and others will handle the project.

Baikal Yachts Group shares that the twin megayachts are the 86 Expedition and 86 Explorer. The former is outfitted for adventures toward the northern section of the globe, while the latter navigates the southern half. At 282 feet each, there’s plenty of room for all manner of opulent appointments.

However, the blueprints indicate that the third, fourth, and fifth decks will feature a similar layout. This approach should make it easy to adapt to the spaces whenever the owner switches between the two. The 86s will both come with offices, a salon, a sports area, a library, and a wellness room.

Due to the varying weather conditions of the respective latitudes, the 86 Expedition will house an indoor swimming pool, while the 86 Explorer places it outside. According to Baikal Yachts Group, the megayachts are slated to launch together after completion in about five years. This would mark a major achievement for the yachting industry.

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Images courtesy of Baikal Yacht Group