There is a reason Prometheus Design Werx named their newest EDC folding knife the ‘Badger’ ($439). Just like the animal, this 7″ long knife with its 3″ blade looks relatively unassuming and even simple. But badgers are ferocious fighters against animals many times their size and PDW’s Badger is made extra strong to do twice the job of an ordinary folding knife.

The blade is fashioned from S35VN steel with a time-honored spear point silhouette and is easily opened by manipulating the dual glow-in-the-dark thumb studs. The multi-axis machine-contoured handle is titanium with five chamfered grooves for extra gripping power. It has a V-cut blade seat and a proprietary lanyard lockbar pocket inside. Along with the heavy duty pocket/belt clip, the handle of this light, 4.4-ounce knife has been given a distinguished satin finish.

The rounded, pill shape makes the Badger not only easy to carry but provides an understated touch of class to whatever daily cutting job you unleash it upon. [via]