For all you bacon lovers out there who thought this stuff couldn’t get any better, we have news: Bacon just got better! What? Yes, with the Bacon Jams ($42 – pack of 3) you can now enjoy this delicious food in the morning, in the afternoon, and at 2 AM. After all, it’s just jam – a few calories …

Made with real bacon, these heavenly jams come in jars of 8 oz, in three flavors: All Original, Black Pepper, and Red Chile & Garlic. They can be used to enhance the flavor of appetizers (cheese and crackers, poppers, stuffed mushrooms), entrees (burgers, grilled cheese, BBQ), breakfast omelets, sandwiches, straight on your finger, or combined with whatever you can think of. This spreadable goodness would make a perfect gift for someone “who has everything”, except flavored bacon jam that is. Our only request: please make larger jars!