With government and health officials mandating precautionary measures due to the pandemic, adventure is calling out to us. Thankfully, travel restrictions are not as firm as before, which now allows the occasion journey out of the urban jungle. Given that public transportation is a big no for now, what you need is a capable ride. Look no further because Backwoods Adventure Mods has one for you. The shop can kit out your favorite van with all creature comforts and equipment to suit your needs.

Vans are great platforms to turn into campers thanks to the spacious interiors. Just take out what you don’t need and you have a lot of free room to put in almost anything you want. It’s the type of service this awesome establishment in Arkansas offers. In fact, they love to work with many brands of vehicles. Overlanding enthusiasts will dig the heavy-duty add-ons available from their catalogue

A popular choice among many of Backwoods Adventure Mods clients are mods for Ford Transits and Mercerdes-Benz Sprinters. Additionally, you can even have them modify their existing front and rear bumpers to add bull bars, winches, and more. Probably most of the stuff you can think of is within reach so you can confidently face the great outdoors.

Steel is the material of choice for outstanding durability and performance. The only caveat we can probably think of is the weight it adds. Nevertheless, the team of experts at Backwoods Adventure Mods should have our back. Other notable accessories include LED lighting, racks, drop-down toolboxes, and fuel containers

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Images courtesy of Backwoods Adventure Mods