Normally, a motorcycle delivers an exhilarating solo riding experience. However, many swear that it gets even better when you’re in a group. Manufacturers and aftermarket outfits know this better than anyone. Therefore, they often come up with events to encourage these activities. BAAK Motocyclettes goes all-in with the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Trail for its BAAK Aventures tour.

To get the most out of this rugged custom moto, the French builder offers a curated activity. Partnering with Vintage Rides, they are providing an adventure that takes people across some of the most scenic spots in Europe — both on and off the road. They’re calling it the BAAK Aventures.

You and a group of like-minded individuals will travel and camp with the workshop’s team as your guides. Of course, you can bring your own bike as long as it meets the performance requirements. However, BAAK Motocyclettes recommends their purpose-built models: The Scrambler or the 650 Interceptor Trail is just a couple of them.

If for some reason logistics becomes an issue, they have us covered. You can leave your ride back home and just rent one for the BAAK Aventures. Take your pick from a fleet of their most capable machines and enjoy what is likely one of the most memorable excursions in your lifetime.

For those who don’t have a two-wheeler just yet, the BAAK Aventures trip will definitely convince you to get one. There’s the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Trail available for orders right now. On the other hand, BAAK Motocyclettes also sells all the parts you need to turn a stock Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor into the adventure-ready moto of your dreams.

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Images courtesy of BAAK Motocyclettes