To brighten your days this month, we have a new superyacht from Azimut Yachts for those who crave lengthy voyages out to sea. This magnificent vessel is the Magellano 30 Metri and is a welcome addition to the long-running series. Equally noteworthy, the people involved in this project will deliver the opulence clients crave.

Measuring approximately 98 feet from the pulpit to the aft beach club. Its beam is about 23 feet wide to ensure its volumes never feel stuffy. Additionally, as with other entries in its Magellano catalog, Azimut Yachts endows the ship with a sleek and modern outline.

Propulsion will come from two MAN engines at 1,550 horsepower each to push it up to 20 knots with a 16-knot average cruising speed. The shipyard in Viareggio, Italy is collaborating with P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture to build the Dual Mode hull of the Magellano 30 Metri.

According to the manufacturer, it helps improve fuel consumption by 15% and stability when waters get rough. Another awesome feature on the Magellano 30 Metri is the optional Hotel Mode upgrade package. This allows the superyacht to run exclusively on 100 kWh batteries when it drops anchor to minimize environmental impact.

Azimut Yachts says the eco-friendly setting will last anywhere between 4 to 8 hours depending on usage patterns. The interior by De Cotiis Architects is luxurious and elegant with accommodations for up to 10 guests. Entertainment and dining area options are likewise abundant.

Take a dip in the jacuzzi at the bow or dive into the refreshing waters below via the beach club at the rear. A garage in the lower deck can also house marine toys and other equipment. Breathtaking views aboard the Magellano 30 Metri are aplenty via the generous glazing and terraces.

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Magellano 30 Metri Lounge Magellano 30 Metri dining area Magellano 30 Metri bar Magellano 30 Metri day beds Magellano 30 Metri bedroom

Images courtesy of Azimut Yachts