Handheld gaming PCs used to be a niche market, but the success of the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Legion Go have turned these devices into mainstream platforms. AYANEO may not have the same marketing budget as the aforementioned three, but its consistent hardware releases have also made it a mainstay. Its latest model — the SLIDE — borrows an iconic feature of old-school devices.

As its name suggests, the SLIDE sports a slide-up display which reveals a full-keyboard layout albeit a bit crowded given its form factor and size. Press materials note it is “infused with innovative genes for classic nostalgia.
Elegant appearance, powerful performance, versatile control. Pioneering innovation, creating a leading extraordinary experience.”

The design seems familiar because GPD already has something similar called the WIN 4, which somehow resembles a chunkier Sony PlayStation Vita. After checking AYANEO’s Indiegogo page, it’s already at $113,782 from 121 backers placing it at 1,705% above its flexible goal of $6,671. If you want to grab one for a discounted price, there are 44 days left before the crowdfunding campaign closes.

Available in Sunrise White and Bright Black, the AYANEO SLIDE offers four storage and memory configurations. It’s packing an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU and is running Windows 11 out of the box. The 6″ IPS screen supports multiple viewing angles. Technically, you can play games in its default setup, but the keyboard comes in handy for typing out longer search strings or browsing the web.

The hall-sensing analog sticks are backlit, while its keyboard can be customized with RGB lighting effects. Ergonomic grips on the AYANEO SLIDE prevent fatigue during extended gaming sessions, while the 46.2 Wh battery keeps you in the action longer. Finally, dual-channel speakers deliver immersive audio.

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Images courtesy of AYANEO